Tesla cancels referral program

Tesla has announced the completion of a referral program for electric vehicles and solar panels starting September 18, 2021.

For many years, the program was a form of promotion to increase sales. In the case of solar products, references and customers have been awarded free Supercharging miles and EVs (the upcoming Tesla Road or Model Y), as well as $ 100 to $ 500 and Powerwalls home energy storage systems in the form of solar products.

As of September 18, 2021, vehicle products and solar panels are not eligible for referral prizes.

The change will be implemented worldwide. According to the Referral Program website, the only product still receiving suggestions is the Tesla Solar Roof ($ 500 per referral).

Friends and family who own solar panels with your referral link can earn up to $ 500 in work permits, as well as reduce reliance on grids and generate clean solar energy. You get $ 500 for each solar ceiling reference.

We believe that the high cost of some referral prizes (especially the road provider) and the high demand for the supply have prompted Tesla to suspend the program – at least until further notice.

During the referral program, some bloggers and influencers were able to get millions of miles of free supercharging, which is more than they can use within the limited time frame associated with the rewards.

A message to Tesla users states: “We will not offer referral prizes from September 18, 2021, until the next announcement,” which may one day be returned.

With the deteriorating solar roof, such promotion can still be a good way to increase demand.

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