Telenor highlights green transition on tech

Telenor Research’s Scientific Research Unit has released the seventh edition of Tech Trends, highlighting how technology and digitalization can change the green landscape, which it believes will shape the coming year.

Grameenphone presented its findings at a event hosted by GPHouse at the telecom operator’s headquarters in the capital on Monday.

The five expected technological trends for 2022 are highlighted on the horizon: green clouds on the horizon, high demand for climate micro degrees, all-encompassing, green flyers and new social interactions.

Bjørn Talale Sandberg, Head of Telecontinental Research, delivered the keynote address at the event, which was hosted by ICT State Minister Zunaid Ahmed Palac.

In a statement, Bjørn Taale Sandberg said:

He said there was a huge demand for energy due to the rapid growth in the use of information and as a result cloud computing had shown tremendous growth.

He also said that edge computing is expected to take over at an acceptable rate next year.

“We believe that energy-efficient edge data centers will increase the number of access points from mobile devices to 5G networks by 202. It will only be transmitted locally.”

He also said that a growing number of businesses are working to alleviate the thirst for knowledge among employees by applying green micrograms and courses as a “curriculum”.

“Changing our power supply takes time, so we have to streamline everything – at least we need to increase the energy consumption of our equipment,” Mr Sandberg warns.

“Going forward, more companies will be able to put the huge amount of money on the table to acquire the knowledge and resources they need to go to war.”

According to the head of telecom research, influencers are considered obsolete or indifferent to climate change.

“Instead, their followers are flocking to influencers who are aware of climate change,” he said, and marketers are turning their attention in the same direction.

He said it would be more difficult for young people to establish and develop a private network and to gain a general understanding of corporate lingo and culture as digital communications become more challenging as the epidemic continues.

Mr Sandberg added: “Many companies will find that by 2022 a large group of young workers will not be able to find the right place to live – unless good leadership is put in place.

Speaking at the event, BTRC DG (Systems and Services) Brig Gen Md Nasim Parvez focused on four key areas: energy efficiency, vision level innovation, RAN (radio access network) and network equipment innovation and better network planning. And optimization.

“Telenor has come up with a lot of ideas in the five technology trends,” said Kamal Quadir, chief executive of Bikash.

He said the concept of “green fluffer” was very interesting.

“Everyone must take the necessary steps to make this concept popular in our country. And by working together, we can create a sustainable world by distributing energy among all,” he said.

“E-waste is now one of the main causes of environmental pollution,” said Bella CEO Syeda Rizwana Hasan.

Telecom operators also say they should be careful not to let the radiation from the walls harm human health.

“We can improve this situation by taking environmentally friendly measures,” said Dr. Kazi Kolikuzaman Ahmed, chairman of PKSF.

“Educational institutions and training centers should focus on offering climate micro degrees and courses, which will help them learn how to use technology to solve climate problems,” he said.

Grammy ንn CEO Yasser Azman said this year’s technology forecast technology and digitization show how important it can be to make data exchange more energy efficient.

He said climate change through digital micrograms and green fluorescents are just a few of the trends that will continue to be sustained.

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