TEKNOFEST winner Ismail Konak wants to develop clean energy technologies

Ishmael Konak, a student at Imam Hatup School, took the lead among high school students in technology for humanities and social innovation.

Since its inception, the technology that has attracted the attention of young people and brought new talents to light has continued to inspire new generations.

Imam Hatip Anatolian High School student Ismail Konak, an international student, and Murat Hudavendegar, a student at Anatolian High School, with the help of his mentor Iylin Eordogan, won the first Technofes award.

How KADSIS works

With the system he developed and the software he wrote, the KADSIS device at the entrance to the facility was identified with the ability to measure image, sound, and temperature. According to the Ministry of Health, the device, which can also request HES code, is dangerous without any outside help.

TEKNOFEST winner Ismail Konak wants to develop clean energy technologies – video

We have now received 14 applications

Following the outbreak, Ismail Konak, who designed the equipment for the post-epidemic and institutional investigations, received 14 orders from the Directorate General of Religious Education.

“I wanted to use it as a search and espionage system.”

International student Murat Huddavandigar Anatolia Imam Hatip said KADSİS can be used anywhere in the secondary Ishmael Konak.

Konak emphasized that after the Covide-19, elections and investigations would continue in institutions and that it had designed software for use after the outbreak.

“I was interested in software, I was doing various studies on it. I began to work hard on facial recognition technologies, and as I followed these studies, I thought it should be used as a selection system. The idea of ​​switching to a project was born with the advice of consultant professor Aisha Eileen Erdogan. Neville Yilmaz, the director general of religious education, liked her very much and ordered 14 orders from the general directors. In this direction, I worked on the second version of KADSIS to reduce costs and eliminate defects, and I brought it. ”

In the second edition, he added features such as simple interface and easy-to-use features.

This time you work for pure energy

Konak explained that the workshops held at the school have been of great benefit in terms of self-development and project production.

Since I was in elementary school in France, I speak French. In the meantime, I had the opportunity to improve my English by participating in and participating in courses at my school and in the activities I learned. I have a memory of training for 1.5 years. Software and AI are getting stronger every day. Using it in the right way, my goal is to integrate creative forces such as energy integration and artificial intelligence and contribute to a variety of studies around the world on this topic. Pure energy and abundant energy.

Technology winner Ismail Conak No. 3 wants to develop technologies that produce clean energy

“11 projects have received patents in 5 years”

The school’s project coordinator, Aisha Eileen Erdogan, said they work on dozens of projects at the school each year and that a team of eight people serves the entire school.

According to Erdogan, they have acquired ownership of 11 projects in the five years since the school opened. “We get support from our Academic Science Board. We are supported by Dr. Mustafa Okal and 24 scholars in various disciplines, from student and teacher training to project consulting. Our teachers support us from four different universities. Osman Gazi Mayor Mustafa Dundar is the sponsor and sponsor of our school. Thank you very much. The project is open to development, and I believe it will reach many different areas thanks to its algorithms in the future. She said.

TEKNOFEST winner Ismail Konak wants to develop clean energy # 4 technologies

92 students apply to Technofest

Expressing his encouragement for students to take on projects and form project teams, Erdogan said 92 students have applied for technology this year.

Technology winner Ismail Konak wants to develop technologies that produce clean energy No. 5

Ishmael has been involved in technology since his childhood ”

Ismail Konak’s father, Imam Ibrahim Konak, helped his son express his interest in technology and science from an early age.

Konak “There are teachers who take care of their students. Their beauty is unimaginable. The school administration was very caring, especially Principal Mehmet Turkman. Use the phrase.

Technology winner Ismail Conak No. 6 wants to develop clean energy technologies

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