Team members follow Beiden by saying “shut up” on the Minnesota gas pipeline

Four members of the Democratic Squad followed President Beden over the controversial Minnesota pipeline.

Massachusetts Democrats Ayana Presley, Missouri Cory Bush and Michigan Rashida Taliban, Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar, have joined forces to support the indigenous leaders.

“I think it is important that President Biden understands that the decision on silence will destroy these communities,” Taliban said in a statement on Saturday. Hill.

Winners of the MINNESOTA Line 3 Paplin Project

Opponents of the pipeline have argued that Line 3 will flow through protected areas in accordance with an agreement reached between the United States and the Ojibwe nations.

Line 3 is intended to replace the Alberta-based energy company Enbridge, a 50-year-old pipeline.

“We are here to be more than partners,” Pressley told supporters on Saturday. Intentionally to be partners and collaborators in the work of justice.

Squad members echoed complaints from local groups that the new pipeline was detrimental to Biden’s climate agenda.

During a press conference on Friday, he said:

Objectives to win the other pipeline, but prevent the construction of natural American business leaders.

The Minnesota congresswoman said the pipeline “poses a threat to most Americans out of sight and out of mind” – farms, wild rice wetlands, Mississippi farms and indigenous treaties. .

Enbridge argues that the new pipeline is “safe and maintenance-free,” relying on thicker steel and more advanced coatings to replace the old ones.

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He also argued that the power company had “continued respect for tribal sovereignty” and had expanded family-supported projects during the pipeline’s construction.

A spokesman for Embrix told Fox News: Both Lake Lake and Fund du Lac have written support for project licenses. The White Earth Nation was also included and invited to be part of the process, and because of their problems, Line 3 above and below Lake Rice and from the Basin. “

The energy company has so far spent $ 287 million on the project.

Fox News could not immediately reach the White House for comment.

Lucas Manfreddi contributed to this report.

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