TCHS Silver Horse Golf Players have two weeks of busy work

TCHS Golf Team LR coach Joe Griffith, Chandler Ash, Mason Nichols, Laden Miller, Jesse Griffith and assistant coach David Tucker

The second and third weeks of the 2021 season saw two home games, two 18-hole invitations, and two off-field matches for the Tyler nobles golf team.

During the second week of the season, golfers had to cope with heat and humidity, especially at parties they were invited to throughout the day.

Last week, the golfers had some wet conditions on the course, but despite heavy rain, they managed to win three matches.

The team kicked off its first week on Monday, August 9, with five other teams in action.

The Cavaliers came out on top with 176 team points. The boundary was behind the local team, in 177. Other results included – Gilmer – 179, Calvin – 195, Magnolia – 197 and Padden City three players.

Individual results for the riders – Landon Miller – 39; Mason Nichols – 41; Chandler Ash – 46; Luke Dathan – 50; Trenton Webster – 54; Colby Nichols – 56; And Cole Moore – 65.

There were individual results for the city of Padden – Will McGinney – 42; Liam Clements – 53; And Aaron Thorns – 63. All in all, the medal winner was Gilmer James Moore, who equalized in the 34th round for the first time to play the course.

“I’m really pleased with the performance of our players” There is coach Joe Griffiths. “This was the first time in a long time that we were able to get out of the big game in the big game. We may have finished first in the last few years against one or two teams, but it has been a while since we have won all five of them.

“Gilmer and Calhoun both traveled 2 hours to be part of the event, and Gilmer’s leader James Moore had a very good level. That was a great golf course for the first time. ” Griffith said.

Captain Landon Miller was the junior junior for the Knights. Overall, I was happy to start the season with the 39th round. ” Miller said.

On Thursday, August 12, the team made a short trip to St. Mary’s Golf Course for a party. In the middle of the day, the temperature dropped to the 90’s, and results from several players showed the effect.

St. Mary’s won her own competition, with a score of 303. Other team results – Ritchi – 332; Ron and Border – 333; Gilmer – 445; If not – 366; Tyler – 381; William – The 399; Wert – 445; And Webster with three players and one exit. St. Mary’s Group 337 was shot.

There were results for Tyler: Mason Nichols – 83; Landon Miller – 92; Chandler Ash – 92; And Jesse Griffiths – 114. The overall medal winner was Brandon Lawhan, St. Mary, 69.

We didn’t play any of our elementary students in the pre-Mariam competition because it was their first day back in school. There is a coach Griffith. “So Jesse Griff has returned from football to give us a fourth player to get the team result.

“Mason Nichols had the first few holes, but he led our team to 82 points.” The coach added.

Landon Miller commented in his round: “It was really hot on St. Mary’s, and I never did well. I hope I can have a good year. ”

On Friday, August 13, he met the team at the Minnesota Golf Course near Elizabeth at an invitation to White County. Mingo Tach will host both the LKC conference and the regional tournament at the end of September, so this was an opportunity for the team to gain some experience in education.

St. Mary finished again at the top of the field with 323 team results. Other results – Wheeling Central – 351; Ritchi – 356; William – The 363; If not – 372; Roan – 380; Gilmer – 394; Webster – 400; Tyler – 402; Wirt – 494.

There were results for the cavalry – Mason Nichols – 83; Chandler Ash – 97; Luke Dathan – 110; And Trenton Webster – 112. The overall winner was Blake Lewis, a 75-year-old Parkerberg Catholic individual.

“Landon Miller missed this match” Coach Griffith, So we based on the results of two new students playing in the hottest first 18-hole match for both players.

“I had a difficult day with many bullets outside the border, which did not help me” Freshman, Luke Diton. But I had to take a course with LLC and regional states.

“It Was Hot” There is a secondary chandler ash. I hit very good ticket shots, but my short game was not what I wanted it to be.

Last week, the team entered the third week of the season and the players managed to win three games by escaping heavy rains earlier last week.

I thought we had to cancel most of the matches, but all three days it rained in the afternoon and we were able to play despite the wet weather. ” There is a coach Griffith.

On Monday, August 16, the Cavaliers hosted five other teams at the Sessvilleville Club, but the TCHS golfers ended up losing things.

Were group results – St. Mary’s – 145; Ritchi – 165; John Marshall – 168; Linsley – 175; Tyler – 189; And Padden City with three players.

For the riders, there were results – Mason Nichols – 40; Landon Miller – 47; Luke Dathan – 49; Trenton Webster – 53; Chandler Ash – 56; Colby Nichols – 58; And Cole Moore – 60. were Padden City players – Will McGinney – 47; Liam Clements – 57; And Aaron Thorns – 67.

“St. Mary was still performing an amazing group. Their 145 points may be the lowest team I have ever seen in Sisterville. ” There is a coach Griffith. They made 33 rounds (one less than equal), 34 (equal) and two 39 rounds. These are good results for the high school team. ”

Knights Co-Captain, Mason Nichols, is reflected in his round I played well, but I don’t think it’s over 8 feet long, and that’s an important part of the game.

His younger brother Colby said, The home game was fun, but I am working to reduce my results.

On Tuesday, August 17, he met riders on the Clair-Mar Core Highway outside Fiowat Point, Ohio. The TCHS River simply increased by 181 to 213.

Individual results for TCHS – Chandler Ash – 40; Mason Nichols – 42; Landon Miller – 45; Trenton Webster – 54; Luke Dathan – 55; Colby Nichols – 57; And Cole Moore – 64.

According to Coach Griffith, “The highways were lined with spruce trees in the early 30s and saw better days. Many died, and they were covered with weeds. The owners of the school were all replaced by small spruce trees. It makes the place much better, and it is easy to find golf balls that were lost under the old trees.

Chandler Ash finished the game with a medal and had a good recovery from the game. “I had a good night with Claire-Mar. I played my best game this season. ”

On Wednesday, August 18, after Hurricane Fred crossed the area, the umbrellas were lifted several times, but Tyler, JM, and Linsley found their way to the calm Spide Jones course in Ogley Park, Willing. .

Team Results John Marshall – 169; Linsley – 180; And Tyler – 198.

For the Knights, Assistant Captain Landon Miller followed with 46 rounds and Chandler Ash with 47. Other results were: Mason Nichols-52; Trenton Webster – 53; Luke Dathan – 56; And Colby Nichols – 65.

“It was my first time playing Speidel” Chandler Ash. “I’m happy, but I hope the weather is dry next week!”

The Knights’ current record now stands at 11-27, with several matches played this week. On Monday, they hosted their third home game against Linsley, Ritchi, Frontier and Padden. Today, they are on their way to the Crispin Golf Course in Oglebay Park to face Linsley and other teams. Tomorrow they will travel to WV Golf Club near Waverley, WV to face six other LLC teams. Next Monday, August 30, the team will take on an Ohio course outside of Belsville, Ohio, in the second half of the season. The next day, Wahama and three other teams make the long journey to Riverside in Mason, WV.

Middle School Golf Team will play its first home game on Wednesday, September 1.


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