Tax by Mahfouz Anam – Major (deceased) Muktadir Ali, an incredible patriot from a blessed generation

Death is always difficult to accept, but in some cases, it is even more so. The news of the August 20 shooting of Muktar Ali shocked not only his family, but also his freedom fighters, his second course friends, his energy colleagues, and his personal friends and relatives. He was in such a strong state of health and an example of a healthy life. The stroke proved to be fatal. Within a few hours, we lost our dear friend, the proud example of the freedom fighters, a prominent expert in the energy sector, and a citizen who worked tirelessly for the country. He was generous to the principal, volunteer for the common good for the first time, always uplifting human qualities and always ready to reach out to those who need it. Modesty was his trademark.

The Motili team gathered at the Murti temporary training camp in the northern Jalpaguri mountain range of India to train the second commission officer cadres to serve in our liberation war in Bangladesh.

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There were about 70 of us, from all ages and backgrounds. As we gathered for our first fall, early in the morning of October, I turned around and looked at all these unknown faces — I knew only three — and I realized that these armed men were all my family, how long does God know? Suddenly, the fate of all these strangers seemed to merge with me and into a magical one.

They are all young and determined to fight for the invasion of Pakistan. We all did not feel part of a great and glorious and beautiful thing to be part of a great historical force. During our first break, we started talking and getting to know each other.

I was naturally attracted to him by the face of a young man full of sincerity, sincerity, and grace. It was the first time I met Muktar Ali, soon to be the source of my constant warmth, support and friendship. We exchanged personal information, and unbeknownst to us, connections were being made and seeds of lifelong friendships were being sown. Our friendship grew every day through our physical training, theoretical lessons, evening games, long night patrols and snacks.

Muktadir was a very good officer – disciplined, sharp, curious, energetic, efficient and mentally strong. He was often the one who answered the questions of the training instructors and made them actively involved in the issues and strategies that we were teaching their standard.

Out of the 70 people who were thrown together by an unknown and unpredictable blow, it was a unique variable. In the future, we will realize that we were the only ones in the world – this unique group of freedom fighters, most of whom we do not know until we meet at the Murti camp. Our struggle for independence was a special moment in history, our love for our motherland was a magical bond, and our firm belief in the freedom of Bangladesh was a dream that strengthened us every moment. We spent time together.

We often left home to worry about our parents and loved ones. There have been many occasions when we have spoken out against injustice. Muktadir was a very meaningful and powerful presence for us on those occasions. He will remove our sorrows by his brightness of hope, his strong hope for the future, and our purpose. All of this had a magical effect on our psyche, and the recurring author strengthened our motivation to continue where Muktader was.

In a short time, I became close to Muktader, who showed many of the virtues of the best freedom fighters. Before I joined Murti Camp, I learned about his life, his family, and especially what he did. He joined the liberation war in May and, after some initial training, later joined the sector in the work of Major CR Data. 4. His special heroism and readiness to engage with the enemy earned him great respect from the natives, who later became a candidate. Murti trained to be an officer in the Bartiladesh army. In all that he did, he developed self-confidence, determination, determination, a sense of purpose, and a spirit of self-sacrifice. In the future, he will be part of that dedicated team that will work tirelessly to build Bangladesh after independence.

We broke up after independence. After returning from Murti in February 1972, I left the army, rejoined my studies at the University of Dhaka, and later became a journalist.

In fact, it was only after I worked with the Daily Star in January 1991 that my relationship with Muktar began again. During this time he was a well-known professional and worked for years for the Theaters gas company, after which he became managing director. He also became chairman of Petro Bangla and chairman of the Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation. He retired in 2012 as an additional government secretary and has served in the private sector in various capacities.

His long career in the gas industry has earned him the respect of professionals. He devoted himself to learning more about the vital energy field, and he received an award from those of his day.

The role of the founding members of the Bangladesh Military Course Foundation (BCF) in the first and second courses of the Murti was exemplary. His energy, discipline, determination, and care for the foundation put us on a journey. Next, they held various executive positions, the performance of which was unparalleled. In fact, for those of us who did not have such a regular membership, Muktader was a man who constantly tried to make us more involved. Therefore, I can count on the foundation’s efforts to move us forward.

We have lost another freedom fighter and patriot. Many such courageous and determined freedom fighters have left us in these difficult times. Because of the epidemic, we could not see that they had passed away in the way they deserved. But as each of us passes, we must remember that we are losing members of that blessed generation who had the privilege and privilege of participating in that wonderful time in our history, which gave us a free country in which to live. Free.

My respect for each of their unique roles in 1971 – a mix of youthful energy, courage, sacrifice, love and a beautiful dream of freedom and a life of honor. Muktader, who has touched many of us in many wonderful ways, has strikingly identified all these qualities.

Mahfuz Anam Editor and Publisher, Daily Star.

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