Tata Steel India orders first blast for CO2 explosion from furnace gas

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Tata Steel India orders first blast for CO2 explosion from furnace gas

Tata Steel on Tuesday sent 5 tons of TPD a day to the Jamshedpur plant, making it the country’s first steel company to produce CO2 directly from the blast furnace gas. Tata Steel uses renewable CO2 to promote carbon offshore economy.

This Carbon Container and Use (CCU) facility uses Amin-based technology and recycle carbon. Extinguished CO2 gas is returned to the gas network by increasing its caloric value. The project was executed with the help of low-cost CO2 recording technology with the help of a carbon-free technology.

The CCU Factory was inaugurated by Narendran, CEO and MDA, Tata Steel, in the presence of company executives and other dignitaries.

“We have taken this strategic step in our journey to decarbonation in line with the values ​​of the Tata Group pioneers. We will continue our efforts to become sustainable industry leaders by setting new standards for a better tomorrow, ”said Narendran.

The experience gained from this 5 TPD CO2 recording plant gives us the information and confidence needed to build large carbon-holding plants in the future. As a next step, we aim to integrate CO2 recording equipment in a more efficient way. He added.

For his part, Aniruda Sharma, CEO of Carbon Cleaning, said, “We are very pleased to be working with Tata Steel on this discovery project. We currently carry 5 tons of CO2 per day, but we plan to accelerate the process by following our successful demonstration. Carbon holding projects. The release of CO2 from the furnace gas not only degrades iron plants but also paves the way for hydrogen economy.

Carrying and utilizing carbon is the key to fighting climate change and global warming.

In September 2020, Tata Steel, in collaboration with the Scientific and Industrial Research Council (CSIR), will work in the field of carbon capture, use and storage (CCUS) to meet the country’s decarbonation obligations to build a strong ecological system in the country. Paris Agreement.

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