TAP in: Bliss Transition Assistance Program has partnered with industry, prepares transit troops for service.

At the Navy Blue Industrial Smoke and Bubble Safety Education, Thumb Finger Anthony Nal, 23, of South Texas, cleverly assembles a circular system based on complex chemistry, meanwhile, an experienced teacher looks up at the floor with a razor blade. Afterwards, judging every move.

Nal with campuses throughout the United States at the Renewable Energy Vocational School at Airstreams Renewables, Inc. The seven-week Renewable Energy and Communication Tower Technician course is the fourth chapter or door.

Class is definitely in class for Nall and other students, and is being reviewed by Gate 4 ፡ Light Medium Electrical Theory, but these students are far from traditional college campuses, and test time is nothing new — they are soldiers in Fort Bliss, Texas

Transition Assistance Program, PFC Nal and soldiers like him are currently enrolled in vocational programs; The annual industry-led training in Bliss not only connects retired or retired soldiers to post-military training, but also introduces teachers and employers who want to recruit veterans, all of which are still happening. Wear uniforms and serve their country at the end of their term.

In addition to Air Stream, Blaise is currently home to eight other CSPs, and two more (automotive skills and HIV) will be launched soon, said Doug Pilitz, BIS Transition Service Manager.

“Most soldiers do it out of the army and think no one wants them,” Pilitz said. “The industry needs you, I tell them. Every day, people ask, ‘Can we join your program to hire members of the transition service?’ It doesn’t matter if you are private, for the general officer, everyone needs service members.

Wind turbine knives can weigh more than ፓ 10,000, and airflow program graduates will receive multiple certificates for practical positions such as electrical safety, OSHA requirements and binding, labor and stress. Graduates will also receive emergency rescue and first aid training for themselves and their teammates in difficult-to-reach areas as part of the project. In Bills’ compound, there is a spacious tower where soldiers can be trained and certified as part of a 240-hour course.

Karen Martin, Airstreams regional entrance agent who hired Naln, agreed that the request was true. A.D. According to a 2014 Rand Corporation study, employers increase leadership, flexibility, dependency, and loyalty on average to the civil service.

“It is very common for them to go to work after the first two or three days of class,” she says. “By the end of two or three weeks, after graduation, you have promised to start work with employers across the United States.”

The walls of the Air Stream buildings in Bliss are covered with smiles of graduates with their new employers around the world. A.D. The company’s second military campus, which opened in 2005, said Martin had graduated about 500 members of the Transitional Service and, in some cases, family members. While priority is given to service members, members of the military family are also eligible for open CSP school seats.

Martin is more likely to return and re-register at those gates because of the many CSP opportunities available to transfer troops and family members through the military TAP. During her transition to civilian life in 2015, the retired Army Sergeant Sergeant was recognized by Bliss TAP for expanding her post-military plans.

“I served in the military for 25 years and was ready to do anything,” she said. “It was an accident. [the Transition Center at Bliss] As if I could see a different process for my future life.

“I didn’t want to go home,” said Martin. “Opportunity still offers itself to care for service members. You don’t have to be in the military to do that, and I didn’t know there were these opportunities until the doors were opened.

Although Nal was just a few weeks away from graduating, he seemed confident in his decision to join CSP, and was pleased to receive the active support of the TAP office at Bliss and Airstream Renewables Inc.

“At first, I didn’t know what to do,” says Nell. “I was so scared to leave – I had no plans. No matter what you do, you need to get your first step forward — take these steps and start looking around. I can easily say that I have a job, I have a guaranteed first date and with all the knowledge they have given me. ”

Away from the traditional classroom setting, soldiers wearing uniforms, blue uniforms, and uniforms are taking the opportunity to prepare for post-military life ahead of their last days. Thanks to the efforts of Army TAP and companies such as Airstreams Renewables, which provides CSPs in the mail to soldiers and family members, NAL is easy to transition from military to military.

“It’s good to see that they are putting 110 percent of their energy into us,” says Nell. “It makes us want to go back to that power. Time is running out. They are here to make us successful and we want to be successful.

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