Tampa is expanding its affordable housing program

Tampa, Fla. – As rent and mortgage prices soar, affordable housing in the Tampa Bay area is more of an oxymoron than it is today.

That is why the city of Tampa is working to help more people become homebuyers for the first time and, more importantly, to pay them in advance.

On Monday, Tampa Mayor Jane Caster announced a bold move to own a dream program. The program offers first-time homebuyers educational courses and grants as well as tens of thousands of dollars in advance payments.

The expansion of the program now offers up to $ 40,000 in advance to eligible individuals. They must have lived in their home for ten years to avoid payment.

Another change is the price of the house. Previously, the capital for a house was $ 240,000. It now costs about $ 300,000.

“These rising housing prices are starting to drive people out of our community and we can’t make it happen in downtown Tampa,” said Mayor Castor.

The program has already proved to be a success for people like Cheryl Hodges Cummings. Until recently, she was always rented.

“When the epidemic broke out, I felt trapped in this small space and rented out, and I feel like there is no way out,” Kuming said.

For help, she went to her credit union and was directed to the city program.

Now, she is working on the memories of her home with her grandchildren and is giving her energy to them, not how she will pay the extra rent.

“I went to work before. I went to the apartment. Now I can go out, sit in my yard,” Cumings said. “Don’t give up. Take that. It will cost you in the end because you are a homeowner.”

Sylvia Alvarez is the director general of the Housing and Education Partnership, an organization that helps people get home. She says that there are some steps that a person must take before moving on.

“If you want to buy a house, you have to contact one of the agents to find out if you are eligible,” Alvarez said.

They need to take three courses through the Housing and Education Alliance to find out if someone is eligible. The lessons are based on emphasis and once completed, a person’s determination to help is determined. Here are a few simple steps: Alvarez is worth it in the long run.

“In most cases, our co-workers have low pay at home and also have tax benefits,” Alvarez said.

Visit https://www.heausa.org/ for more information about the program and to become eligible.


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