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Winner of the 2021 Beginning Talent Competition, Kingley Apeji, is a graduate student in the Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Cape Town. ESI spoke to him about the project that Africa has won.

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The Kingsley AQP is enrolled in a doctorate in mid-2020, only to begin researching the impact of the epidemic on research frameworks and improvement strategies. “The impact of deprivation of rights such as campus entry, continued engagement with teachers and peers ይረዳል helps keep the fire burning. If you do not have that, it will greatly disrupt the speed and flow. What you are learning is how to manage situations and resilience, ”said the 28-year-old Talent Challenge winner.

The University of Cape Town PhD candidate said his business idea came from a number of factors.

The ACP BSC project is being implemented in Ibadan, Nigeria.

He explored the state of business and the economy in South Africa and studied loads. Throughout his studies at the University of Cape Town, he has collaborated with colleagues on a variety of training courses in sustainable electrification policies and energy transfer research. His PhD study looked at the ability of electric power systems to withstand extreme events and the development of strong indexes to improve the operational capacity of the system using distributed microgrid energy resources.

“The Youth Talent Test was an inspiration to sum up the information and experience I had gathered into a unified idea and to respond adequately to the question,” he said.

He felt a strong balance between the course he taught about looking at the energy sector for business opportunities and the young talent test. A briefing was given to the participating students to create a viable business plan for the Energy Business, which is expected to become a reality for the African Continental Energy Committee.

Akepeji learned to think beyond theory through the UCS Power Systems research team. This is important in a business setting. There must be a framework in which ideas can be tested and effective.

“My idea was to think about how to set up an efficient energy business. It was closely linked to the reality we are facing in Africa, the abundant energy resources and the paradox of energy poverty. “It was about developing a centralized energy business solution and providing a level of flexibility for different energy users in a way that suits everyone.”

He found them to be helpful in testing AQP contests and student exams:

“So, at the outset, the skills tested were in the field of energy, creativity, business acumen, and most importantly, as well as communicative knowledge. I say communication is very important. We tested those four key elements. Students who want to grow and develop on their own can not only pretend to know, but also do what they can, by taking exams and seeing how they work.

“The test result is not the last word according to your ability, it is just a sign of progress.”

His advice to other students is to think of it as a platform to build resilience to challenges and competitions: “But the reality is that things may not be easy, and that is when we begin to see what we have አለብን we need to build capacity to deal with it. Complexity rather than desire. “

Alongside the studies, Akepeji has started working as a project engineer at Cape Town, a specialized solar consulting firm based in Cape Town. Behind the scenes, he continues with all his preferences in his vision of building the capacity for equitable energy transfer to Africa. “I understand that it is important to build capacity to implement ideas sustainably.” ESI

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