UAE signs agreement on green hydrogen projects in Egypt, targets exports to Europe

Egypt’s abundance of sun and wind “generates renewable energy at a very competitive price – a key alarm for green hydrogen production”. Ute Grabowsky | Photothek | Getty Images The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Egypt’s Hassan Alam Utility have signed an agreement with government-sponsored Egyptian companies to work together on the development of large … Read more

Taiwan’s ‘Largest Coastal Wind Generator’ Generates First Power

A submarine wind turbine off the coast of Taiwan. Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs says it aims to generate 20 percent renewable energy in the next half decade. Billy HC Kwok | Bloomberg | Getty Images A large offshore wind farm on Taiwan’s coast has generated its first power, and those involved in the project … Read more

Energy giants Siemens Gesa and SSE have agreed on a $ 628 million deal and profit warnings.

Details of the agreement between the SSE and SGRE revealed the first results for the second quarter, with revenues of nearly 2.2 billion euros and losses of about 304 million euros. Paul Ellis | AFP | Getty Images Siemens Gesa Renewable Energy has agreed to sell its Southern European assets at the SESE headquarters in … Read more

The race to produce ‘super-sized’ wind turbines was held

The Halide-X wind turbine was photographed in the Netherlands on March 2, 2022. The Haliade-X is part of a larger generation of new turbines that could be installed in the coming years. Peter Bor | Bloomberg | Getty Images In the not too distant future, the water, 15 miles from the Martha Vineyard, will be … Read more

Huge submarine cables are to be the first direct link between Britain and Germany.

Coastal wind turbines in Germany. The NeuConnect project will allow Britain to access “Germany’s huge energy infrastructure, including significant renewable energy sources,” the interconnector said. By Thomas E. Gunnarsson | Moment Open | Getty Images More than 1.5 billion pounds ($ 1.95 billion) in key contracts have been awarded for a major link between Germany … Read more

The United Kingdom has targeted additional nuclear, wind, and fossil fuels for energy security.

Along with the increase in nuclear power, the British Energy Safety Strategy is up to 50 GW of wind and 10 GW of hydrogen – half of what is called green hydrogen – by 2030. Christopher Furlong | Getty Images News | Getty Images The UK government has unveiled details of its long-awaited “bold” energy … Read more

How can hackers and geopolitics hinder the planned transfer of power?

This image shows a wind turbine on a beach in the Netherlands. Mischa Keijser | Image source | Getty Images Discussions about energy transfer, its meaning, and its implications have become a major topic of discussion in recent years. What is to be seen as a transition from fossil fuels to a system dominated by … Read more

Energy Agency ” Radical Action ‘Required To Hit Climate Goals

Berlin (APA) – The World By 2030, the world needs to “take drastic action” by investing $ 5.7 trillion in private and public funds to move fossil fuels and prevent the effects of planetary warming from escalating. The agency says. In a 348-page report released on Tuesday, the agency said there was a need for … Read more

BP is a Japanese offshore wind farm.

On October 4, 2013, a photo was taken of a submarine wind turbine found off the coast of Japan. Yoshikazu Tsuno | AFP | Getty Images BP has agreed to form a strategic partnership with Japanese Congressman Marubeni to oversee coastal wind development and “other carbon dioxide projects, including hydrogen.” The deal will give BP … Read more

Why the ‘Gangantua Task’ India’s renewable pressure will be heavy

Nagaon, India – A clash between police and a group of Indigenous farmers in the lower Himalayas in India has erupted after a bulldozer was confiscated last year. On December 29, most of the men in the village of Assam went out to look for work. One of the few people was Champa Timingpi, who … Read more