Russia-Ukraine War News Live Updates: Moscow Warns of ‘War on’ Nuclear War Threats; The United Kingdom has rejected him as “Bravado”.

A boy stands next to the wrecked car in front of his apartment in the southern port city of Maripol, Ukraine. (Reuters) Blincon told Zelinsky on Sunday that US President Joe Biden had announced the appointment of former Diplomat Bridk Bink as US ambassador to Ukraine – a decision that has not yet been confirmed … Read more

EU lifts ‘months’ ban on Russian oil and gas: Officials – ET EnergyWorld

Brussels – The European Union (EU) is working to expand sanctions on Russia to include oil and gas sanctions, but the move will take “several months,” European officials told AFP on Friday. The union announced last week that it would impose a ban on Russian coal – Russia’s main source of income – in unison. … Read more

Putin warns Russia cannot be excluded from the West; The United States and Britain are investigating reports of chemical weapons attacks

According to Putin, Russia cannot be isolated from the West. Putin described Russia’s unprovoked attack on Ukraine as “a special military operation.” Mikhail Klimentyev | Afp | Getty Images Russian President Vladimir Putin has described Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as “a special military operation.” He also warned that Russia could not “separate” from the West. … Read more

Scenes at Chernobyl show chaotic scenes at the world’s most famous nuclear station

View of a room where national security guards are being held hostage at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant

Ukrainian authorities have been forced to steal fuel from Russian invaders to prevent a ‘disaster’ at Chernobyl nuclear plant, as Kremlin troops looted the factory and took it to 169 prisoners. A.D. Russian forces have also reportedly dug up holes in the heavily polluted Red Forest and isolated them in the isolation zone, bringing in … Read more

Europe backs Russia’s coal. Is oil next? | CNN Business

London CNN Business – European leaders have agreed to suspend Russian coal production under a new sanctions package in response to allegations of violence in Ukraine. Oil embargo could be next. All European coal mines will be banned from the European Union, the European Commission said on Friday. Europe, the source of the EU, plans … Read more

Orban has come out in strong opposition to EU sanctions on Russia.

Click Play to listen to this article Can the EU eliminate its addiction to Russian oil? Not if Victor Orban could help. Hungary’s newly elected Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has been seen as the only way to ease sanctions on the world’s most lucrative energy sector. The pressure on the oil embargo is mounting in … Read more

The Ukrainian war proves this: The Western-backed indifference to violence must end

Probably right now The West is reeling from a war of attrition, which has left it dependent on the Kremlin and other sources of oil and gas. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is causing a huge power outage in Europe, Germany is suffering from a shortage of natural gas, and skyrocketing prices (especially for oil and … Read more

Europe rejects Putin’s ultima. So why is Russian gas still leaking? | CNN Business

London CNN Business – Vladimir Putin’s deadline has come and gone and Russian natural gas is still flowing into Europe. Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has set a deadline of April 1 for “unfriendly” countries to pay their bills or cut off supplies. Was that confusing? It is too early to say, but Kremlin spokesman Dmitry … Read more

With the war in Ukraine and Putin’s threat, Europeans are eagerly awaiting the supply of energy

A person using a fuel pump at a gas station in London. Louis Whyld | PA Images | Getty Images Russia and Russia have been at loggerheads for some time now over the issue of Russia’s nuclear program. European countries are heavily dependent on Russia’s oil and gas supplies, but Moscow invaded Ukraine in late … Read more