Russia-Ukraine War News Live Updates: Moscow Warns of ‘War on’ Nuclear War Threats; The United Kingdom has rejected him as “Bravado”.

A boy stands next to the wrecked car in front of his apartment in the southern port city of Maripol, Ukraine. (Reuters) Blincon told Zelinsky on Sunday that US President Joe Biden had announced the appointment of former Diplomat Bridk Bink as US ambassador to Ukraine – a decision that has not yet been confirmed … Read more

Activists say Putin’s financial support for Putin’s war in Ukraine has been blocked by Russian oil tankers.

Copenhagen, Denmark – Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. Ukraine. The Greenpeace members tied the knot with Hong Kong-based Yug Luga and leased it to Russian oil company Novatek, a terminal owned by Exxon sub-Iso near Thoensburg. The boat, carrying more than 105,000 tons … Read more

The oil industry hopes that rising U.S. production will reduce gas prices

WASHINGTON (Gray DC) – Road hitting has become more expensive for many businesses, especially companies like OMX. “We’re going a long way,” said Jim Durfi, vice president of OMX. “Cars consume a lot of gas.” Durfi said rising oil prices could reduce trade wages and even create jobs. “The biggest cost is our building, and … Read more

Energy giants Siemens Gesa and SSE have agreed on a $ 628 million deal and profit warnings.

Details of the agreement between the SSE and SGRE revealed the first results for the second quarter, with revenues of nearly 2.2 billion euros and losses of about 304 million euros. Paul Ellis | AFP | Getty Images Siemens Gesa Renewable Energy has agreed to sell its Southern European assets at the SESE headquarters in … Read more

Since 2008, Russia’s war has boosted energy markets, pushing natural gas to higher levels

Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) Storage at LNG Terminal, LNG Croatia LLC operated by Krk, Croatia, Monday, January 25, 2021. Petar Santini | Bloomberg | Getty Images U.S. natural gas prices rose sharply on Monday for more than 13 years, as Russia’s war on Ukraine sparked a global power crisis and the autumn heat is expected … Read more

Russia’s oil industry suffers as Western bloc escalates |


Russia’s oil industry – a major source of budget revenue – is showing signs of slowing down as Western buyers scramble for Russian oil to replace lost sales in emerging Asian markets. Putin launches war in Ukraine They are declining. This happened at a time when Russia, as a key member of the OPEC + … Read more

Putin warns Russia cannot be excluded from the West; The United States and Britain are investigating reports of chemical weapons attacks

According to Putin, Russia cannot be isolated from the West. Putin described Russia’s unprovoked attack on Ukraine as “a special military operation.” Mikhail Klimentyev | Afp | Getty Images Russian President Vladimir Putin has described Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as “a special military operation.” He also warned that Russia could not “separate” from the West. … Read more

Huge submarine cables are to be the first direct link between Britain and Germany.

Coastal wind turbines in Germany. The NeuConnect project will allow Britain to access “Germany’s huge energy infrastructure, including significant renewable energy sources,” the interconnector said. By Thomas E. Gunnarsson | Moment Open | Getty Images More than 1.5 billion pounds ($ 1.95 billion) in key contracts have been awarded for a major link between Germany … Read more

Russian troops dig holes in Chernobyl High Radioactive ‘Red Forest’

Ukrainian officials have warned that Russian troops have withdrawn from the area around Chernobyl, but are now warning of possible radiation exposure after the troops deliberately disturbed the dust. A.D. Workers at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant (NPP), where the 1986 nuclear disaster struck, warned for weeks that Russian troops were driving down armed vehicles … Read more

World’s richest people cut $ 400 billion in crisis |


At the beginning of the year, the world’s 10 richest people have doubled their wealth to $ 1.5 trillion since the outbreak began, and another 163 million people have been plunged into poverty. International Charity Oxfam The government has called for a one-time tax of 99 percent on CV-19 surplus profits. The rich benefited unfairly. … Read more