When BP leaves Russia, other oil companies are in danger.

Text size Shell plays a key role in the Russian Liquid Natural Gas Project. Jeff J. Mitchell / Getty Images Oil companies have not been financially strong for decades. Nor were they politically vulnerable. BPBP’s decision to skip its stake in a Russian energy company this weekend Rosneft It shows just how much oil prices … Read more

Exxon, Chevron: Gushers of Cash as Big Oil Companies Backward Investors

The world’s largest oil companies have been reviving interest rates, with crude oil prices rising sharply over the years. Exxon Mobil Corporation XOM 6.41% On Tuesday, it reported a $ 23 billion profit for 2021, the highest since 2014, including $ 8.9 billion in the fourth quarter. Last week, Chevron Corporation CVX 2.63% It reported … Read more