Going green with solar panels costs more money for some NC residents, due to a number of complications

Lillington, NC (WTVD) — “Instead of saving money, I pay more money.” Michael Hule is a Harnett County homeowner who went solar to save money, but it ended up costing him more money. “They say it’s going to work, but I haven’t seen anything on the electric (bill) to date,” Howell said. Howell decided to … Read more

Georgia Attorney General: Beware of Misleading Solar Ads

ATLANTA – Attorney General Chris Carr has warned Georgians about misleading advertisements from rooftop solar marketers that contain false promises such as free solar, free electricity and no more electricity bills. Consumers reported inaccurate cost/benefit calculations, poorly designed or installed products, inability to contact the dealer after installation, and false claims made by solar dealers … Read more

Springdale City Council considers solar energy for schools.

Springdale, ARK (KNWA / KFTA) – The Springdale City Council on Monday approved the sale of a $ 10.2 million bond to support the Springell Public Schools solar project. Springdale Schools, Ozarx Electric and Today’s Power are joining the project. Springman’s director of administration and financial services, Wyman Morgan, said the project was profitable with … Read more

The Southern Indiana company goes green with solar energy

UTICA – Last week, anyone traveling from Clark County to Kentucky was completely protected by Solar Road. The bridge is being maintained by East and Cross Partners. In Utica, the off-road building is equipped with solar panels and has been using it for power only since November. “Everybody wants to be a good neighbor and … Read more

How to prepare your solar panels for winter

For the named article Photo: Andy 700 (Shutterstock) Let’s start with the good news. (You may know this if you have purchased solar panels for your home and live in a cold winter). Maintenance and prep work to make them work. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do now to make your solar … Read more