Energy giants Siemens Gesa and SSE have agreed on a $ 628 million deal and profit warnings.

Details of the agreement between the SSE and SGRE revealed the first results for the second quarter, with revenues of nearly 2.2 billion euros and losses of about 304 million euros. Paul Ellis | AFP | Getty Images Siemens Gesa Renewable Energy has agreed to sell its Southern European assets at the SESE headquarters in … Read more

Huge submarine cables are to be the first direct link between Britain and Germany.

Coastal wind turbines in Germany. The NeuConnect project will allow Britain to access “Germany’s huge energy infrastructure, including significant renewable energy sources,” the interconnector said. By Thomas E. Gunnarsson | Moment Open | Getty Images More than 1.5 billion pounds ($ 1.95 billion) in key contracts have been awarded for a major link between Germany … Read more

Coal has changed society. Floodwaters now can warm up future homes.

LONDON – Changes in the Industrial Revolution of the 18thWe– Century Britain, were huge. Britain’s abundant coal – and easily accessible – was a key element in this historic turning point, as steam engines led to social change. But things have changed. A.D. The number of coal mines fell a year earlier than planned in … Read more

Donald Trump told Boris Johnson that he was making a ‘big mistake’ by supporting the wind force.

“He’s making a big mistake,” said Boris Johnson, trying to turn Britain into a windmill in Saudi Arabia. According to the former US president, wind turbines are “horrible”, “ridiculous”, “kill all birds” and “rust” after a few years. He said that they were supported only by “haters of the world.” In an interview with GB … Read more

The G-20 makes minor commitments on climate neutrality, coal finance

ROME (AP) – The world’s largest economies on Sunday agreed to suspend funding for coal-fired power plants in poor countries and pledged to seek carbon neutrality “in the middle of a century” ahead of the Rome summit. , Scotland. Italian Prime Minister Mario Dragi and French President Emmanuel Macron have successfully unveiled the Group of … Read more

Amazon-supported wind turbine in Scotland has begun

Sean Hannon | iStock | Getty Images The 50-megawatt offshore wind farm in Scotland is now operational, and technology giant Amazon is buying all of its products. According to Scottish Power – part of the Iibedrola team – the Bean An-Turic 3 facility has 14 turbines and can generate enough electricity to power up to … Read more

The UK’s Titan SSS says low winds, the worst in 70 years, have hit a new generation.

A photovoltaic wind turbine at Camelford, Cornell, Sunset. Ashley Cooper | Corbis | Getty Images Due to historical drought and low wind conditions, the SSE was able to produce 32% less energy than expected from its renewable resources between April 1 and September 22. This equals 11% of the full-year achievement goal. “This deficiency was … Read more

He wants to develop a giant floating beach wind farm in South Korea

Once completed, the project will be located off the coast of Ulsan, South Korea. Insung Jion | Moment | Getty Images A joint project focused on the development of wind farms off the coast of South Korea. The major oil and gas companies own 80% of the gene, which is called Munmuram, and the remaining … Read more

Colleges are key to developing sustainable behaviors

Further Education News FE news channel on emerging learning strategies and b # Future Education And # future work. Since 2003, we have been a digital news site with a mix of textual articles, podcasts and videos providing reliable news and insights. Our specialty is bringing you the latest educational news mix, our position is … Read more