The oil pipeline from Russia to Europe is still working despite shelling


A pumping station on the Druzhba oil pipeline was shot down on Tuesday in the western Russian region bordering Ukraine and Belarus, but the pipeline carrying oil from Russia to Europe was operating normally on Wednesday, Russian pipeline operator Transneft said. In the Bryansk region of Russia, there are reports of a part of the … Read more

Russian oil exports on Western tankers |

Russian crude exports rose sharply this month, much of which goes on Western-insured tankers at prices below G7 and EU price ceilings. Oil shipments from Primorsk, Ust-Luga and Novorossiysk rose by 9.5 million tonnes this month, according to Reuters, as the Urals, Russia’s flagship crude fell below $50 a barrel, while the G7 and EU … Read more

Chaos in diesel markets February |


Yesterday, strike He started At three refineries in France operated by TotalEnergies. Three institutions have made petrol and diesel available to the wholesale market, and one has reduced the running price slightly. Across the Atlantic, refineries are gearing up for maintenance season. According to Reuters, twice as many refineries are closed for maintenance this season … Read more

Can US shale gas save Europe from an energy crisis?

On the surface, rising US shale gas production seems like the perfect solution for Europe, which is struggling with an energy crisis caused by Russian gas withdrawals. But analysts say it is no medicine. U.S. shale gas output has lost no momentum, as the U.S. shale revolution fades with respect to oil. In West Texas’ … Read more

The Nord Stream pipeline can be repaired within a year

Nord Stream

The Nord Stream pipeline could be repaired within a year, but it’s unclear whether Germany wants access to Russian natural gas, said Klaus-Dieter Maubach, chief executive of Germany’s Energy Uniper, which was Russia’s top gas customer before Moscow’s cuts. Supply is down through Nord Stream. The first question that needs to be answered is what … Read more

China Increases Imports of Russian Arctic Crude |

China has imported Arctic Russian crude in a sign of rebalancing Russian oil supplies globally. The shift is based on data from Vortexa and Kepler, reported by Bloomberg, showing that China bought only its first shipment of Arco – sour, heavy crude – in November last year. According to traders Bloomberg spoke to, the phase-out … Read more

Predicting Russia’s Next Action on Oil Price Cap |


On December 27, 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin Decision on preventive measures Before the introduction of price restrictions on Russian oil and oil products. These are the responses G7 agreement 60 US dollars per barrel For Russian marine oil. The decree prohibits the sale of oil and oil products if the sales contract is based … Read more

Norway expects a jump in oil and gas production near peak levels.

Norway expects a jump in oil and gas production near peak levels. Oslo, January 9, 2010 (FBC) Norway’s oil production is expected to grow by 6.9 percent this year. Monday. Production of crude oil and other petroleum liquids such as condensate could rise to 2.02 million barrels per day (bpd) in 2023, NPD forecasts show. … Read more

The war in Ukraine has another front: class

Press play to listen to this article Informed by artificial intelligence. KYIV – When the Russians first came to the school where Larisa teaches history in southeastern Ukraine, they demanded all history and Ukrainian language textbooks. The director refused to hand them over. The school was closed — but reopened on Sept. 1, with up … Read more

Can buyers cartel challenge OPEC? |

OPEC flag

Former Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi first proposed the idea, then US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen took it up and built on it. The idea is, what if the big oil importers cooperated against the oil producers? Many were skeptical of the analytical field. With oil in demand, the global oil market was effectively a … Read more