Russia-Ukraine War News Live Updates: Moscow Warns of ‘War on’ Nuclear War Threats; The United Kingdom has rejected him as “Bravado”.

A boy stands next to the wrecked car in front of his apartment in the southern port city of Maripol, Ukraine. (Reuters) Blincon told Zelinsky on Sunday that US President Joe Biden had announced the appointment of former Diplomat Bridk Bink as US ambassador to Ukraine – a decision that has not yet been confirmed … Read more

Europe rejects Putin’s ultima. So why is Russian gas still leaking? | CNN Business

London CNN Business – Vladimir Putin’s deadline has come and gone and Russian natural gas is still flowing into Europe. Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has set a deadline of April 1 for “unfriendly” countries to pay their bills or cut off supplies. Was that confusing? It is too early to say, but Kremlin spokesman Dmitry … Read more

Crude oil prices, like the US, are declining to release emergency oil reserves to control energy costs.

The United States is reportedly planning to release oil from its reserves for the next six months in a bid to reduce energy costs. According to the report, the United States wants to release up to 180 million barrels of oil in six months, the largest since 1974. Commodity prices plummeted after a sharp rise … Read more

Putin’s benefits show a risk of relying on fossil fuels | CNN

Editor’s note: Clark Miller Associate Director of Faculty and Professor, School of Future Creativity in the Community, International College of the Future. Jeremy Suri is a professor of history at the University of Texas at Austin and a professor at the LBJ School of Public Affairs. This fall, he published a new book, The Civil … Read more

Forget the price of oil. See Bread Price | CNN Politics

This article is published on the CNN What Matts Newsletter. Sign up for free to find it in your inbox over here. CNN – Netflix No Disney No HBO Max No Big Macs. International brands such as MacDonaldds, Starbucks, Coca-Cola and Pepsi are the latest to emerge from Russia. Who breaks this economic crisis first … Read more

David Perdu used Russia’s attack on Ukraine to pressure Americans to buy guns

Georgia GeoP Governorship candidate David Perdu, a former senator from Peach State, has used the Russian war on Ukraine to persuade Americans to buy more weapons and to have more relaxed gun laws in the US.

Georgia’s ruling candidate, David Perdu, uses a Russian-led invasion of Ukraine to protest Americans’ purchase of guns Georgia GeoP’s Candidate David Perdu uses US war in Ukraine to buy more weapons and more relaxed gun laws He made the remarks during a second round of protests by Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Green. “You saw the … Read more

If Putin Holds Oil, All Betting Will Be Lost | CNN Business

new York CNN Business – Russia is in the throes of a financial collapse. Sanctions imposed by the West have led to the collapse of the ruble, the closure of Moscow’s stock market and the dumping of Russian assets on the world stage. The White House’s target is Vladimir Putin’s financial fortress, which has at … Read more

Russia says Russia will lose power to Ukraine over Ukraine

Berlin (AP) – German Deputy Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Thursday that Russia had attacked Ukraine. It is “absolutely irrational” and will backfire, which will cause Western countries to stop buying Russian coal, oil and gas – an important source of income for a rich country. Robert Habeb, a powerful figure in the new German … Read more