Comment | Biden’s oil war is hitting consumers.

Excavation near Carnes City, Texas, October 31, 2021. Photo die tannen maury / Shutterstock Gasoline prices are higher than ever before. The government reported 7.9% inflation in February, the highest level since 1982. Americans need relief, and something stands in the way. This year, with the administration suspending new drilling rigs on 26% of federal … Read more

Tampa is expanding its affordable housing program

Tampa, Fla. – As rent and mortgage prices soar, affordable housing in the Tampa Bay area is more of an oxymoron than it is today. That is why the city of Tampa is working to help more people become homebuyers for the first time and, more importantly, to pay them in advance. On Monday, Tampa … Read more

Why the rise in oil prices could cause the stock market to collapse

According to a Wall Street analyst, some stock markets may have increased side effects in early September as they knock on the door to a recession. In a note on Sunday, BTIG’s core asset and outcomes strategist Julian Emmanuel looked ahead to the month-long West Texas Medium Cluster CL00, averaging a 24-month moving average. + … Read more

Self-help enterprises and Sunun celebrate the completion of a solar installation for tenants in San …

Orossi, California, August 18, 2021 (Globes Newsweire) – A nationally recognized community development organization, self-help enterprises and Sunshine (Nasdaq Ran), the nation’s leading home solar, battery storage and energy provider, in the San Joaquin Valley. Ribbon cutting ceremony was held to mark the completion of a new solar installation for 60 affordable rental houses in … Read more