Politicians, ambassadors to Portugal’s Maritime Week events in May

Most of the week’s events focus on how Portugal is involved in the transition. File Image / Pixabay Politicians and ambassadors as well as representatives of the shipping and banking industries will convene Lisbon For a series of events next month at Portugal Delivery Week Banner The week-long meeting, which is being prepared PetrospotIt takes … Read more

Can oil prices actually reach $ 200? | OilPrice.com


Metal prices are everywhere, with the rise and fall of record highs and lows – the cause of rising oil prices. Agricultural production has also risen sharply since the outbreak of the Ukrainian war. Violence may erupt in parts of the world where governments have in the past rejected food prices. However, it can be … Read more

The United States has banned the production of Russian crude oil, which has increased oil production.

NEW YORK (AP) – Shares have risen, oil prices have plummeted and nickel prices have soared, and trade closed on Tuesday, as the US barred Russian imports from Russia and the economic collapse caused by the invasion of Ukraine. It continues to shake markets. The S&P 500 afternoon traded up 1.1%, but it was ahead … Read more

Asian stocks rise amid Russia-Ukraine talks, oil worries

TOKYO (AP) – Asian stocks rose on Tuesday as international investors watched talks aimed at ending Russia’s military offensive in Ukraine. In Tokyo, Sydney and Shanghai, early trade with Benchmark was high. Hong Kong rejected and South Korea closed for holiday markets. U.S. futures have shrunk and oil prices have risen. The United States and … Read more

Gas station explosion threatens rising gasoline prices | OilPrice.com


Oil prices rose eight consecutive weeks, according to new data released by Gas Buddy on Monday. And a massive oil refinery explosion in New Orleans could further fuel gasoline prices. U.S. national gasoline prices rose on Monday morning, reaching 3.2 cents a week earlier, and the dispute between Ukraine and Russia reached $ 3.52 a … Read more

As demand and oil prices rise, key energy agencies will vary.

Leaders of the world’s most important energy bodies gathered to discuss the future of oil as if AYA Batraway Associated Press February 16, 2022, 1:14 PM • Read 4 minutes Share to FacebookShare to TwitterEmail this article DUBAI, UAE The forum included speakers from the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, the International Energy Agency and … Read more

The price of natural gas in the Omaha Metro results in high heating costs

Omaha, Neb (Wouti) – When the polar vortex created a record-breaking cold in Texas a year ago, the energy industry turned to crazy. Natural gas prices have risen. The flexibility, though better, still holds a fist in the pocketbook. Edwin Saldivar noticed opening the MUD account. “A lot of people have this problem. It’s a … Read more

Slow economic growth can be measured by commodity prices | OilPrice.com


Supply chain challenges and high inflation are slowing global economic growth. If commodity demand decreases, prices may reflect the balance in the economy. This could happen before the end of 2023, according to Reuters Market analyst John Camp. They argue.. According to Kemp, historical figures in the economic cycle suggest that economic growth may slow … Read more

As oil demand grows – with geopolitical stress

Vitol Group Predicts supply problems leading up to winter Winter temperatures that support fuel demand Europe O’Connor’s influence is limited and could lead to another round of violence on Monday. West Texas was a middleman 0.6 percent High in $ 84.30 When the holiday shopping stopped, the barrel, and Brent calmed down 0.4 percent as … Read more

Finally, the price of some natural gas and oil is declining.

Americans struggling with historic inflation are finally getting some relief from where they are most needed. The national average price per gallon of natural gas fell to a low of $ 3.35 per gallon on Tuesday, according to AAA. Attitudes toward heating costs are also improving this summer. Over the past two months, natural gas … Read more