An unspecified diesel boat sank on the Galapagos Islands

A barrel-laden boat sank near the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador, officials say. The Ecuadorian Ministry of Environment and state-owned oil company Petrocuwador said the spill was “superficial”, but the damage was minor and no one was injured. Saturday’s sinking was first reported by Petrocuador and did not say how much oil was spilled. Galapagos National … Read more

Looking to increase pain in studying Putin, Western oil and gas

WASHINGTON (AP) – The United States has cracked down on Russian President Vladimir Putin following the deployment of troops to Ukraine. Public opinion polls in the United States want Washington to do more. So what is left for us to do to strengthen the pressure financially, diplomatically and militarily? Economists and current and former US … Read more

Cisco: 5 Eco-friendly Tips for Green Education Travel | Market show

When I was growing up, Earth Day was one of the most important events in the school calendar, and it generally went unnoticed. Occasionally we have a teacher who discusses pollution and its effects on the ozone layer. If we were lucky then we would go out with the room and plant a tree. However, … Read more

Engineers meet industry needs by developing knowledge of robotics and IAS | Robotics Tomorrow

For engineers with experience in mechanical, electrical or computer engineering, ISES specialists can accelerate their growth and make them more money. Engineers meet industry needs by improving their robotics and IAS capabilities. Article from | University of Cincinnati Online From robots operating 24/7 in the Amazon warehouse to military drones, intelligent autonomous systems (IAS) have … Read more

See Shane with oil in the water? Pick it up with a stick to see if you need to report it.

If you go out to explore nature and find oily water on it, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources He wants you to stab him with a stick. It informs you how it reacts when criticized, whether or not it is caused by a natural bacterial process. If it is broken, it may be natural. … Read more

Salesforce com ፡ New Customer 360 Announces Strengthening Future Education Opportunities | Market show

According to the Salesforce Connected Student report, 58% of higher education staff say their institutions are investing to support more flexible and personalized students from anywhere. The report says that while many students and large numbers of staff prefer to meet face-to-face, one in four students will be … Read more

Tanzania pledges Netherlands to support vocational education

The Netherlands is committed to supporting Tanzania’s sustainable and comprehensive development through vocational education. The Ambassador of the Netherlands to Tanzania, Wibe de Bor, recently stated that the North Western European country strives to transform the education system of its people and institutions and to anticipate and motivate current and future challenges. Speaking at the … Read more

Protests force Libyan national oil company to close al-Fil field

National Oil Corporation was forced to suspend production after unidentified protesters entered the Al-Fil oil refinery. The Libyan National Oil Corporation (NOC) has announced that it will stop production at a major oil refinery in the southern part of the country, declaring “power majeure” due to protests at the station. Al-Phil Field, 750 km (466 … Read more

The White House will resume federal oil and gas lease sales next week

The Biden administration quietly announced on Friday that oil and gas leases on federal land would resume next week – just 15 months after President Biden took office. The pending sale announcement by the Department of Homeland Security (BLM) represents the front row of the White House, with thousands of previously leased contracts strongly opposed … Read more

Interview with Captain Donald Lawson on the Dark Sea Project

Interview with Captain Donald Lawson on the Dark Sea Project By David Schmidt 14 April 08:00 PDT April 14, 2022 Bold under her old liver. © Image courtesy in the Dark Sea Project Captain Donald Lawson Introduces His New Office ስል Image courtesy with the Dark Sea Project It is not uncommon for an … Read more