High LNG prices are here to stay | OilPrice.com


In just one year, the global liquid natural gas market changed from a buyer’s market to a seller’s market. The EU’s goal of increasing gas supplies, accelerating the release of renewable gases and replacing gas with heating and power generation EU demand for Russian gas By the end of the year, about two-thirds had created … Read more

Texas oil and gas exports rose 13 percent from March.

(Center Square) – An additional 4,300 jobs were added to the oil and natural gas industry in Texas in March, according to a new report released by the Texas Labor Commission. Of the 184,700 jobs, March 2022 increased by 21,700, or 13.3%, from March 2021. Since the September 2020 employment low, the sector has grown … Read more

Why is Pennsylvania not ready to save Europe from natural gas?

Following Ukraine’s invasion of Russia, Europe is eager to buy more US natural gas. As the country’s second-largest natural gas producer, Pennsylvania should get one, right? Some oil and gas industry experts say that although Pennsylvania is a major producer in the Marseille and Utica Shale Formation, it is not in a good position to … Read more

US natural gas exports increase | OilPrice.com


Discover the new and unmistakable star of Europe on the LNG platform. Europe had to reconsider its desire to reduce emissions in the wake of the unprecedented catastrophe. American natural gas producers are very happy to help. He worries about housing shortages. The European Union (EU) has been negotiating for weeks on how to end … Read more

How Egypt became an important energy hub | OilPrice.com


Egypt, a North African energy producer, has the potential to become one of the world’s most important energy hubs. Initially, the continent became a hub for European gas companies as it struggled to break free from Russian gas. At the same time, Cairo is trying to take advantage of the international call for more clean … Read more

Allow TSO to manage the overall capacity of natural gas pipelines

Shell India is planning to use the TSO to manage the overall capacity of all natural gas pipelines in the country, and to help ensure not only shared cargo capacity but also access to impartial third-party pipelines, the company said in a statement. The government proposed setting up a TSO last year to manage the … Read more

The New Democrats have done more than harm to our state’s energy industry

President Joe Biden’s war on fossil fuels has left the United States dangerously prepared for crises such as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, but New York leaders have stepped up their efforts. Now Governor Kathy Hohlul still hopes to deliver More Pain. Start with the New York Framework, the safest way to extract natural gas and … Read more

Why Renewables Can’t Solve European Energy Crisis | OilPrice.com


She is from Germany Preparation For gas allocation. He is the operator of the French power grid. To ask Users use less electricity. There are protests in the UK over the recent rise in electricity prices. Fell Millions of households are exposed to the so-called oil crisis. Europe has a huge energy crisis. The problem … Read more

High natural gas prices may drive green hydrogen investment | OilPrice.com


Due to a shortage of supply, natural gas prices are rising globally and there is a risk that if Russian buyers do not start paying in rubles, the flow to Europe will be cut off, and the so-called blue hydrogen economy will collapse. Green Hydrogen from Renewable Energy Electrolysis is now the preferred choice for … Read more