UAE signs agreement on green hydrogen projects in Egypt, targets exports to Europe

Egypt’s abundance of sun and wind “generates renewable energy at a very competitive price – a key alarm for green hydrogen production”. Ute Grabowsky | Photothek | Getty Images The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Egypt’s Hassan Alam Utility have signed an agreement with government-sponsored Egyptian companies to work together on the development of large … Read more

Biden slammed Trump’s move to open up more oil in the Arctic

A polar bear and two cubs appear on the shores of Boffort Beach in the 1002 Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. American Fish and Wildlife Service | Reuters The Biden administration on Monday revoked the Trump administration’s plan to lease more than two-thirds of the country’s largest public land for oil and gas exploration. The decision … Read more

The girls in power show off their Northeast talents

Trio students from Turif, Mintlaw and Fraserberg academies applaud the VIP panel panel. Simon Roddy, Senior Vice President at Shell UK, Kaya Duncan from Fraserberg Academy, Iris Gold from Turif Academy, Ella Penny from Mintlaw Academy and MSP Gillian Martin. Tourist student Iris Gold was attending a Women’s In Energy Conference at the Aberdeen Science … Read more

Large greenhouse gas emissions are still taking the biggest climate action.

Harrisburg, Pa. – More than two years after taking office, Governor Tom Wolf is set to launch a plan to fight climate change, making Pennsylvania the first fossil fuel state to adopt a carbon offset policy – but it could be. Short-term victory. One lawsuit is challenging Wolf’s rules and others are expected. And the … Read more

Researchers are experimenting with solar panels for electric vehicle charging.

Flexible plastic solar panels can help drivers in electric vehicles fill up in remote areas.Photo: Mykola Pokhodzhay (Getty Images) Happy Earth Day, Tesla owners! A new project from Australia could be the first alternative to recharge your electric car. The project is called Charging Around Australia and is being led by Newcastle University scientist Paul … Read more

A new report has ranked San Antonio No. 1 in Texas for solar energy

San Antonio – A new report from the Texas Center for Environmental Research and Policy ranks San Antonio No. 1 in Texas and 5th in the country in solar energy, which has maintained its position since last year. According to the report, “Shining Cities, the Greatest Cities of the United States for Solar Power”, San … Read more

How schools are reducing environmental impacts, improving health, and growing our planet’s pastors.

The U.S. Department of Education today named the 2022 U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon Schools, District Sustainability Award, and Post Secondary Sustainability Award. There are 27 accredited schools, five districts, and four high schools across the country. These observers will adopt new practices and policies to reduce environmental impact and utility costs, improve health … Read more

Taiwan’s ‘Largest Coastal Wind Generator’ Generates First Power

A submarine wind turbine off the coast of Taiwan. Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs says it aims to generate 20 percent renewable energy in the next half decade. Billy HC Kwok | Bloomberg | Getty Images A large offshore wind farm on Taiwan’s coast has generated its first power, and those involved in the project … Read more

See Shane with oil in the water? Pick it up with a stick to see if you need to report it.

If you go out to explore nature and find oily water on it, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources He wants you to stab him with a stick. It informs you how it reacts when criticized, whether or not it is caused by a natural bacterial process. If it is broken, it may be natural. … Read more

Bitcoin’s new puzzle puzzle: How to dispose of fossil fuels and make them green

Helena, Mont (AP) – Last year a company that produced “mines” had a convenient location for computers working day and night to verify bitcoin transactions for thousands of energy-thirsty computers: a coal-fired power plant in rural Montana. But with increasing pressure from the crypto industry to control its environmental impact, Marathon Digital Holdings decided to … Read more