Politicians, ambassadors to Portugal’s Maritime Week events in May

Most of the week’s events focus on how Portugal is involved in the transition. File Image / Pixabay Politicians and ambassadors as well as representatives of the shipping and banking industries will convene Lisbon For a series of events next month at Portugal Delivery Week Banner The week-long meeting, which is being prepared PetrospotIt takes … Read more

As oil demand grows – with geopolitical stress

Vitol Group Predicts supply problems leading up to winter Winter temperatures that support fuel demand Europe O’Connor’s influence is limited and could lead to another round of violence on Monday. West Texas was a middleman 0.6 percent High in $ 84.30 When the holiday shopping stopped, the barrel, and Brent calmed down 0.4 percent as … Read more

Greenhouse gas levels are still high – and that goes back to 800,000 years

Atmospheric greenhouse gas emissions contribute to climate change – and that goes back to 800,000 years. According to scientists in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, carbon dioxide, one of the major greenhouse gases, will reach 412.5 million units by 2020. This is 2.5 million higher than 2019, and is now the highest, scientists say. … Read more