Goldman Sachs expects European natural gas prices to fall 30% in the coming months.

European gas prices will drop to 85 euros per megawatt hour in the coming months, Goldman Sachs said. Krisztian Bocsi Bloomberg | Getty Images Goldman Sachs predicts that European natural gas prices will decrease by around 30%% In the coming months, countries will gain a temporary upper hand in supply issues. The Dutch Title Transfer … Read more

UAE signs agreement on green hydrogen projects in Egypt, targets exports to Europe

Egypt’s abundance of sun and wind “generates renewable energy at a very competitive price – a key alarm for green hydrogen production”. Ute Grabowsky | Photothek | Getty Images The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Egypt’s Hassan Alam Utility have signed an agreement with government-sponsored Egyptian companies to work together on the development of large … Read more

How can hackers and geopolitics hinder the planned transfer of power?

This image shows a wind turbine on a beach in the Netherlands. Mischa Keijser | Image source | Getty Images Discussions about energy transfer, its meaning, and its implications have become a major topic of discussion in recent years. What is to be seen as a transition from fossil fuels to a system dominated by … Read more

Hydrogen generation could cost $ 1 trillion a year, says Goldman Sachs

Hydrogen refueling point at a gas station in Berlin, Germany, Wednesday, August 25, 2021. Krisztian Bocsi | Bloomberg | Getty Images Hydrogen plays a key role in any transition to net zero, and the generation could grow to more than $ 1 trillion a year, says Goldman Sachs. “If we want to go to Net-Zero, … Read more

GEE Renewal Unit promises zero waste for wind turbine razor production.

On August 15, 2019, a razor blade powered by an LM wind turbine arrived at the overseas renewable energy catalyst in Belize, England. Tom White | Getty Images News | Getty Images Gee Renewable Energy announced on Tuesday that it will produce zero waste wind turbine knives by 2030 and will be the latest operator … Read more

Extreme weather events are pushing consumers into solar and residential storage

On October 14, 2016, workers lift solar panels from the roof of their home in Scripps Ranch, San Diego, California. Mike Blake | Reuters Extreme weather events in the United States – from wildfires and droughts in the West, to snowstorms and floods to the south and southeast – have disrupted power grids this year. … Read more