After months of falling prices, Missouri gas is rising again.

Jefferson City, Mo. – After nearly three months of steady declines, gas prices across Missouri are on the rise again. According to the American Automobile Association, the average price of gas in Missouri is currently $3.38 per gallon. The average price was up 5 cents from last week, marking the state’s first increase since June … Read more

Why are US gas prices falling while California is rising?

Average gas prices across the country have been declining since June. That’s not so much in California, where prices have been rising since early September. KCRA 3 has tracked gas prices since early March, based on data from AAA. For months, our chart shows that the statewide average reflects the national trend. So far this … Read more

Biden’s stay in oil and gas leases threatens to bring Europe’s energy nightmare to America

As Europe grapples with a harsh winter due to energy shortages and Russia’s shutdown of shipping through the Nord Stream pipeline, President Biden is pushing America toward a similar fate by ending federal oil and gas drilling leases, a new analysis shows. In the year As of Aug. 20, Biden had leased 126,228 acres for … Read more

Australia expands energy security concerns with gas | East Asia Forum

East Asia Forum

Author: Xunpeng Shi, UTS With energy prices at historically high levels, all eyes are on governments. Disruptions to energy supply chains caused by the war in Ukraine have prompted countries to look to emerging energy sources — China ramps up coal production and Japan returns to nuclear — to secure energy supplies. The Australian government, … Read more

Rossen reports: Gas price extremes, explained

Nationally, oil prices are falling, which gives us some relief. But prices vary greatly from state to state and gas station. Watch the video above: Our team of Hearst reporters showing us the gas prices in their regions. From WYFF’s Kylie Jones in South Carolina to KETV’s Waverle Monroe in Nebraska to KSBW’s Christian Balderas … Read more

The oil industry hopes that rising U.S. production will reduce gas prices

WASHINGTON (Gray DC) – Road hitting has become more expensive for many businesses, especially companies like OMX. “We’re going a long way,” said Jim Durfi, vice president of OMX. “Cars consume a lot of gas.” Durfi said rising oil prices could reduce trade wages and even create jobs. “The biggest cost is our building, and … Read more

The White House will resume federal oil and gas lease sales next week

The Biden administration quietly announced on Friday that oil and gas leases on federal land would resume next week – just 15 months after President Biden took office. The pending sale announcement by the Department of Homeland Security (BLM) represents the front row of the White House, with thousands of previously leased contracts strongly opposed … Read more

Ineos UK Fracking wants to show that it can be secure |


The British government has applied for a license to operate a brake test site to ensure the safety of energy-independent Eneos, one of the largest oil and gas operators in the North Sea. According to the BBC, Eneos believes that the development of domestic shell gas reserves will enable the UK to become self-sufficient within … Read more

High natural gas prices may drive green hydrogen investment |


Due to a shortage of supply, natural gas prices are rising globally and there is a risk that if Russian buyers do not start paying in rubles, the flow to Europe will be cut off, and the so-called blue hydrogen economy will collapse. Green Hydrogen from Renewable Energy Electrolysis is now the preferred choice for … Read more

The Ukrainian war proves this: The Western-backed indifference to violence must end

Probably right now The West is reeling from a war of attrition, which has left it dependent on the Kremlin and other sources of oil and gas. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is causing a huge power outage in Europe, Germany is suffering from a shortage of natural gas, and skyrocketing prices (especially for oil and … Read more