Explained ion Indonesian Palm Oil Crisis

When a country that is a major producer and exporter of the same product suffers from a domestic shortage – to the point of forcing the government to control prices and reduce shipments. But that is exactly the story of Indonesia’s Wis-a-Vs palm oil. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) estimates the island’s palm oil … Read more

The New Democrats have done more than harm to our state’s energy industry

President Joe Biden’s war on fossil fuels has left the United States dangerously prepared for crises such as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, but New York leaders have stepped up their efforts. Now Governor Kathy Hohlul still hopes to deliver More Pain. Start with the New York Framework, the safest way to extract natural gas and … Read more

The Ukrainian war proves this: The Western-backed indifference to violence must end

Probably right now The West is reeling from a war of attrition, which has left it dependent on the Kremlin and other sources of oil and gas. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is causing a huge power outage in Europe, Germany is suffering from a shortage of natural gas, and skyrocketing prices (especially for oil and … Read more

Extinguish Putin’s power by cutting off Russian gas: drilling, baby, drilling

Free trade sanctions are hitting hard on Russia, but the long-term way to get rid of Vladimir Putin is with more reasonable power policies in the United States and the West. The ruble price went up on Monday, and even the Russian stock market did not open. Response to Western Sanctions on Sunday But it … Read more

Biden, Suozzi and Dems partners have to blame themselves – not Con Ed – for high electricity bills

Gov-wannabe Tom Suozzi is rightly angry that Con Ed has demanded an 11% increase in electricity prices and an 18% increase in gas prices. But instead of blaming the company, Suzy points the finger at Democrats – and perhaps he himself should be fired. it is. Theirs Climate change agenda. Con Ed wants the hike … Read more

As Biden doubles the war on energy, prices continue to rise

Do you think energy costs are high now? Wait, President Joe Biden is doubling his war on power, and that inflation, and he is sure to increase. . . Up Biden Environmental Protection Agency is drafting new regulations to increase the cost of fossil fuels. And, Kenneth R. Timmerman announced in a post last week … Read more