Complex Factors The price of gas is very high – and what can we do about it

Fact and fiction: The price of gas and oil imports Gas prices are not rising due to shared reasons in social media and political theater. To put them in context, we must start before Russia’s war on Ukraine. Fox 13 Craig Patrick explains. Washington – Gas prices are not rising because of the cancellation of … Read more

What is net-zero existence and why experts say this is valuable.

Zero-zero walking in the house Roads to Zero at Home. The time is 2022 and more and more developers are investing in net-zero communities. Going to Zero Basically, the emissions of greenhouse gases emitted by a country, state, city, company, or building are inversely proportional to the reduction. For example, homes that use solar panels … Read more

Florida lawmakers want to reduce their response to buying solar energy by 75%

In the past, the legislature has proposed a major reduction in solar credit Florida’s new law will reduce homeowners’ surplus electricity by 75 percent. ST. Petersburg, Fla. – Recent elections show that the law passed by the Florida Legislature is unacceptable to many. The bill will significantly change the way utility bills are calculated for … Read more

Oil prices hit $ 90 per barrel, breaking oil record

Gasoline prices hit record highs across Canada on Friday, with crude oil prices rising by more than $ 90 a barrel and full throttle engines working to meet North American oil refineries demand. The national average retail price of crude oil is set at 151.6 cents per liter. A.D. This is the highest average price, … Read more

Changes to Florida’s solar laws could be an ‘context’ for industry.

The legislature proposed a significant reduction in solar power As reported by Jordan Bowen Tampa, Fla. – For some homeowners, investing in solar panels on the roof may mean significant savings on monthly energy bills, but the Florida Legislature’s proposal would significantly reduce compensation. Some legislators argue that it is necessary to compensate for non-solar … Read more