News from Education World January 25, 2022

Information about webinars, development programs, panel discussions and other events. Tourism Recovery Panel in the post-epidemic world IIMB’s Mizuho India Japan Research Center hosts panel discussion on post-epidemic tourism recovery in Meijin-Samvad aka Expert-Conversation Series. Professor Kazem Vafadari, Head of Tourism and Hospitality (THP) at Ritzumikan Asia Pacific University in Japan, and Dr. Nimit Chawdhari, … Read more

Oil spill clean-up is underway in the Orange and San Diego counties – clean-up efforts and coastal assessments will continue in the Orange and San Diego counties. Workers worked all weekend to remove the remaining tar balls and review the beaches …

San Diego Community News Team Published – 10/18/21 – 02:00 PM | 270 views | 0 | 2018-03-01 | | Cleaning efforts and beach reviews will continue in both the Orange and San Diego counties. Workers worked throughout the weekend to remove the remaining tar balls and review the beaches for further treatment. Workers have … Read more

How bad is indoor air quality when there is smoke outside? The first results are not promising

Smoke hides the skyline in Salt Lake City on August 6th. A new Utah study aims to better understand how poor indoor air quality is related to outdoor air quality standards. (Christine Murphy, Desert News) Lake Salt City – Experts know that wildfires can lead to health problems. Utah doctors noticed an increase in respiratory … Read more

Students who take the next career step will receive support from SLCC

Students taking next career step find support at SLCC

The effects of the epidemic were felt throughout Utah and in all aspects of their lives. For many, the past 18 months’ experience has had a profound economic impact, with many Utah residents looking for opportunities to become unemployed, unemployed or simply to develop their skills, pursue a career or start a new one. By … Read more