The UK is three times the size of the sun and more than four times the size of the coast

UK wind farm

The UK Department of Business, Energy and Industry Strategy will soon announce plans to triple solar energy, quadruple wind and double hurricane-force targets to increase energy safety and not depend on external power supply. The Financial Times reported on Tuesday, citing sources close to the government’s plan. Under these plans, the UK plans to increase … Read more

East Coast States Hosts Connecticut Coast Winds Competing for Wind Investment

In some parts of New London, $ 235 million is being invested in the construction of the two pillars of the wind turbine and the cargo ships that are being used to drive State Pierre. . Konsett Business Park in RI, North Kingston, is similarly in the midst of a $ 234 million renovation project, … Read more

Coastal Wind Power Line In Ocean City, How Nije Comes To The Beach

Tedrsted, one of the world’s largest coastal windmills in Denmark, wants to bring 1,100 megawatts of electricity from the Atlantic Ocean wind farm via Ocean City, New Jersey. That many families in the Philadelphia area visit in the summer is not good with some people in and around the area, but it is the famous … Read more

Overseas winds are just beginning to rise |


What a year or two might make a difference. Two years ago, the Trump administration He extended the ban Oil exploration on the east coast of Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina raises serious doubts about the federal coastal permitting process. In the past, Trump has gone the extra mile by labeling wind turbines as big … Read more