Concerns about golden eagles are partly driving the redesign of Scotland’s wind farms.

He photographed a golden eagle in Scotland. The bird of prey is protected under the UK Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. Education Images | Universal Pictures Group | Getty Images Plans for a wind farm off the coast of Scotland have been revised after a number of concerns, including how the project could affect golden … Read more

As the world enters a ‘new industrial age’, clean energy production is set for great growth, he said

Photo taken on July 15, 2022 of a wind turbine turbine at a facility in Hebei Province, China. The world’s second largest economy is a major powerhouse of technologies critical to the planned energy transition. VCG | Visual China Group | Getty Images The world is moving into a “new era of clean-tech manufacturing” worth … Read more

No ‘panacea’: UK lawmakers downplay hydrogen’s role in net-zero transition

Hydrogen storage tanks are photographed in Spain on May 19, 2022. Angel Garcia | Bloomberg | Getty Images Hydrogen has a role to play in the UK’s transition to a net-zero economy, but its role may be limited to certain sectors, according to a UK legislative committee report. The Commons Science and Technology Committee concluded … Read more

Rooftop Solar: How Homeowners Should Calculate Climate Change Investments

Solar panels generate electricity on the roof of a house in Rockport, Massachusetts, US, June 6, 2022. Image taken by a drone. Brian Snyder | Reuters When Josh Hurwitz decided to install solar power on his Connecticut home, he had three big reasons: to cut his carbon footprint, to eventually store electricity in a solar-powered … Read more

BP to invest millions in ‘fast-track’ solar technology company

The BP logo is seen outside a gas station in England on August 15, 2022. Matt Cardi | Getty Images News | Getty Images Bp It said it is investing A$20 million ($13.53 million) in 5B, an Australian renewables company built on solar technology. The energy major has completed an A$55 million Series B funding … Read more

It has been said that the proposed wind farm will have to be closed for five months of the year to protect the parrots.

An Orange-Bellied Parrot sits on the edge of a food bowl. The species is listed as very dangerous. Margot Kiesskalt | Stock | Getty Images Plans for a major new wind farm in Australia have been given the thumbs up this month – on condition its turbines go offline for five months a year to … Read more

Heat pumps are an energy upgrade for homeowners that is becoming a climate and money winner.

Heat pumps have become increasingly important for residential energy use due to rising energy costs and the need to reduce the use of oil heaters. Andrew Aitchison | in pictures | Getty Images Thinking about a home heat pump? New and expanded government incentives, coupled with sharply rising consumer spending, make it even more compelling. … Read more

As Biden and Sunak seek to cut off Russia, the US has pledged to increase natural gas supplies to Britain.

Rishi Sunak and Joe Biden Photographed at the G20 summit in Indonesia on November 16, 2022. Saul Loeb | AFP | Getty Images LONDON – The UK and the US are forming a new energy partnership focused on increasing energy security and reducing costs. The UK government said in a statement on Wednesday that the … Read more

Parking spaces are becoming as important as cars in climate change efforts

VCG | Visual China Group | Getty Images Cars aren’t the only ones going through an energy transition in the coming years. Parking lots where EVs can be charged are a focus of construction efforts related to climate change and carbon reduction. A law passed in France last month requires 80 or more parking spaces … Read more

Rolls-Royce uses hydrogen produced by wind and wind power to test a jet engine

LONDON – The plan to reduce the high environmental impact of aviation took a step forward this week Rolls Royce And Light jet They said they have conducted a ground test of a jet engine that uses hydrogen generated from wind power. In a statement this week, the aerospace giant said it should not be … Read more