SUNY Morrisville offers a new hands-on clean energy and ag experience

A new institution means not only improved educational opportunities, but also post-graduate employment opportunities for SUNY Morrisville students.

For more than a month now, he has taught classes and laboratories at the college’s new $ 16 million Center for Agricultural and Clean Energy Technology (ACET) on the Morrisville campus. The purpose-built 30,000-square-foot learning technology building is now home to renewable energy, agricultural engineering and diesel technology programs.

“It’s great to be in college for the first time and to have such a new $ 16 million institution,” said Joshua Griffin-Betzinger, CEO of Diesel Technology, from Casenovia. “This will definitely prepare us better to work with foreign companies once we get here.”

“It’s a really wonderful opportunity for us,” Kansasta classmate Matthew Retrosi agreed. “The ACET Center will definitely help us in later life.”

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