Sunday’s hurricane made gas more expensive, thanks to more East Bay filter fly apps

San Francisco gas prices are set to hit record highs, as the hurricane hit what the Richmond and Martinez refineries call “operational frustration.”

California has the highest gas price in the country at 4.55 gallons, according to AAA data. But San Francisco gas stations look at that $ 4.55 and say, “Take four lockers.” As of Monday, one gallon of gas in this city is on average $ 4.73, and this time, it’s not the fault of the tax or fossil fuel regulations. Sunday’s hurricane caused several East Bay filters to fall and gas prices to rise.

According to Bloomberg, SF gas prices hit a record high on Monday, down 1 percent from the 2012 record. (Bloomberg’s report is behind the bill, but Yahoo News has a free edition.)

According to a Bloomberg regulatory record, the PFF filter at Martinez is “frustrated. We suspect this is a dangerous material spike report, which clearly states: It is estimated to be over 500lbs. The caller is making notifications. ”At the end of August, 12,500 gallons of raw waste was dumped, so it was difficult for two months.

In Richmond, many people noticed fires on the Chevron filter. KTVU has even received a statement from Chevron, in which the company says the fire is out, but not outside.

“We are experiencing intermittent lightning as we manage to recover from the frustration. We are working quickly to reduce and stop the fire,” Chevron told KTVU. They added that they were measuring air quality toxins, and that any hazards were “far below health standards and often within the limits of identification in nearby areas.”

The Valero filter in Benishapia was also closed, but a non-hurricane repair was planned.

People say they paid more than $ 4.73 for a gallon of gas even before the storm, and they are probably right. But $ 4.73 is the current average, and gas in some neighborhoods is more expensive depending on traffic and estimated cost. However, the average is currently set at $ 4.73, a record high this week, breaking the record set since 2012.

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