Students who take the next career step will receive support from SLCC

The effects of the epidemic were felt throughout Utah and in all aspects of their lives. For many, the past 18 months’ experience has had a profound economic impact, with many Utah residents looking for opportunities to become unemployed, unemployed or simply to develop their skills, pursue a career or start a new one.

By exploring these unusual times, the Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) has mobilized its resources to alleviate the environmental problems faced by many communities in Utah. Short-term training, certification, and other resources at the SLCC were key to COVID-19 lifting their severely injured legs and providing meaningful employment with areas of high interest with Utah employers.

Moving forward, the SCC continues to be an important asset for future Utah employees who will be critical to ETA’s success and the state’s economic future. Most of these resources are available at no cost to SLCC students who want to re-enter the labor market or move into a new career path.

Short-term training courses and certification programs are now one of the most sought-after areas in Utah for employers to cover tuition costs.

SLCC is ready to help

The most active industrial sectors in our economy include advanced manufacturing, energy, healthcare, information technology, public safety, technical training and transportation, with potential for growth and development. SCCC is committed to strengthening relationships with various business partners in these key industry sectors and, with training, supports the recruitment and shipping needs of students pursuing these careers.

Students who take the next career step will receive support from SLCC
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Learn and work in Utah

In early June 2021, SCCC and several participating higher education institutions received funding throughout Utah under federal CARES law. Part of this funding is designed to cover short-term human resource training, certification and college credit programs, tuition, and other expenses.

This funding, in conjunction with the Utah Gov.’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) and the Utah Higher Education System (UAH) Directive, has re-created the “Learn and Work in Utah” initiative to teach students employers skills. Searching today. Programs and courses are offered in areas of high demand, including:

  • Mixed technology
  • Computerized Design (CAD)
  • Desktop support
  • Electronic assembly
  • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
  • HVAC Energy
  • Needle mold
  • Law Enforcement Officer (LEO)
  • Line worker pre-training
  • Manual machine
  • Network and Cyber ​​Security
  • Licensing of a professional teacher
  • Professional truck driving

Students can complete short-term training programs, and courses online or in person with a few hours to a few months of time and energy. Each course is designed with the help and advice of industry experts from their respective fields. On-campus or online, SLCC is helping students achieve their career goals through flexible, individualized, and short-term skills training.

Take your next step

Utah residents are now unemployed or unemployed.

To get started, visit SLCC.EDU/ALLIN and choose from a list of eligible programs / courses to learn more about your area of ​​interest, how to apply, enroll and get educational support.

More money for vocational training and disadvantaged students

Unemployed or quitting because of Covidy 19? Looking for an opportunity to improve your career or start a new career path? Let us help you. In addition to our learning and employment opportunities, SLCC has scholarships and financial support for a variety of training and career programs. know more!

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