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Two students and two professors from the University of Wisconsin-Madison University have been recognized for their outstanding achievements in the UW system and the Alliance Energy Foundation.

Alliant Energy Erroll B. Davis, Jr. Achievement Awards Recognize outstanding academic and community service efforts for students from culturally unrepresented minorities pursuing a degree in Business or Engineering at UW – Madison or UW-Platteville.

Alliant Energy James R. Underkofler Recognition Teaching Recognizes outstanding commitment to undergraduate student achievement and the ability to motivate students to learn. The awards are presented by students and faculty of the UW System Campus near the Alliance Energy Service.

“I would like to thank the Alliant Energy Foundation for its continued support of these student achievement and teaching awards,” said UW System President Tommy Thompson. “And congratulations to these hardworking students and teachers on their remarkable success.”

“We are honored to continue the legacy of these awards, which were created to recognize the hard work of students and teachers,” said Julie Bauer, executive director of the Alian Energy Foundation. “These annual awards reflect Alian Energy’s long-term educational investment and our future together.”

UW – Madison 15th Annual Recipients ALeeAnT Energy Erol B. Davis, Junior Success Awards they are –

  • Toyoto Alexander Borman

    Toyoto Alexander Borman. During his time at the UW-Madison Business School in Business Administration with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, a Bachelor of Aquatic Science and Risk Management, and a Japanese Professional Certificate in college, Borgman passed several professional performance tests. Association of Actuaries. He completed his college life in this competition. Prior to his graduation, he took a full-time job as an Aquarial analyst at Willis Towers Watson, Chicago.

  • Jasmine Washington

    Jasmine Washington. Washington by inspiring young people of all backgrounds to believe that STEM degrees are available and rewarding for educating K-12 students about STEM through fun and practical activities. She has served in various leadership roles with the National Association of Black Engineers, UW-Madison, and has been selected by the Dean of Engineering to be a student representative on the College of Engineering Climate, Inclusion and Diversity Strategic Committee. Washington plans to graduate with a degree in Chemical Engineering and International Engineering in December 2021.

UW – Madison 31st Annual Receivers Alliant Energy James R. Underkofler Excellence in Teaching Awards they are –

Mary Fiorenza

  • Mary E. Fiorenza, Faculty Associate, English Department, UW – Madison. Fiorenza teaches small seminar-style writing classes to many undergraduate students and contributes to the development of an English 100 first-year writing curriculum that typically serves 2,000 students a year. She designed the curriculum and provided it for students to develop the various writing skills needed to meet the needs of their university education. In response to the epidemic, she has taken the lead in redesigning her education online for the 2020-21 school year. Fiorenza participates in and conducts research at national, regional, and local conferences, including the annual meeting of the College Settlement and Communication Conference. She has taught dozens of teachers for the first time, and was selected to participate in the TeachOnline @ UW learning community in 2020 and 2021.

Daniel Patrick Thurs

  • Daniel Patrick Tours, Assistant Faculty, Physics Department, UW – Madison. Thurs is the faculty coordinator and instructor for two major courses of physics 103 and 104, enrolling about 1,200 students each semester. He played a key role in shaping the course content as a leading member of the physics team REACH, which was responsible for converting it into “copied” sections using active learning techniques. Thurs contributes to student success through its approach to teaching, thoughtful course content and engaging course design. It stimulates students’ interest in real-life applications, such as how cells move, gecko sticks, and blood flow characteristics. It also facilitates weekly teacher conferences with teaching assistants as a model for teaching and meditation. Thurs in 2015, 2017 and 2020 he was selected as the Honored Teacher at UW – Madison.

Alliant Energy Foundation Davis Junior established a Gift in 2006 to honor the public service record. Davis is the first African-American leader in Business Week 1000, a former Chief Executive Officer and former member of the Registration Board of the UW System. From 2012 to 2014, he was the interim superintendent of Atlanta Public Schools.

James R. Underkofler Outstanding Teaching Awards to longtime senior CEO James R.J. Underkofler (1923–2015) is credited with excellence in undergraduate teaching. He retired from the Wisconsin Power and Light Company (now Alliance Energy) in 1990 as chairman and CEO.

Both awards programs are administered by the UW System Academic and Student Affairs Office. Check out the 2021 Rewards Program online for more information on each year’s recipients.

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