Students featured in the Chicago Inno ’25 Under 25 ‘

Chicago Inno has a list of emerging technology leaders for 2021 ’25 under 25 ‘and five Northwest students and alumni – all from the Makmormic Engineering School – represent the university.

The annual list features Chicago-based entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs aged 25 and under as “working on the ladder of fast-growing companies to help shape the future of the Chicago tech scene.

Featured Northwest Engineering students and alumni, including Farley Entrepreneurship and Innovation and a Segal Design Certificate student at Farley Entrepreneurship

Charbel Bourjas (’19), Berber Dash Product Manager

Burjas holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a bachelor’s degree in entrepreneurship from the Farley Center in Chicago. While in the Northwest, the university’s student entrepreneurship team was heavily involved in entrepreneurship activities, including serving as president of the APIC. He has also participated in the Jumpstart Pre-Acquirement Program (formerly known as Wildfire) on The Garage, Northwestern’s Community, Location and Student Entrepreneurship Network. Burjas, a native of Lebanon, was expelled from his childhood and soon after graduating from high school, he started a charity to help children in war-torn countries.

Pitwat (Engineer) Mahawattangul (’19), Product Development Leader in Nanography

Mahawattangul joined Nanography as a product development engineer after completing his bachelor’s degree in material science and engineering. Founded by Nanograph, Northwest Alum and Assistant Lecturer Samir Mayekar (’06, MBA’13), the 2012 Farley Center NUvention: Energy Course is one of Chicago’s most promising in-depth technology initiatives. From its inception in nanography, Mahawattangul has risen to become a senior product development engineer and then a product development leader. The company, which produces powerful lithium-ion batteries and is funded by the US Department of Defense, has made great strides this summer by producing extremely high-energy batteries, the company said in a statement.

Regina Morfin (’22), co-founder of Lura

Morphine is currently studying manufacturing and engineering design and is pursuing a minor career in the Farley Center and Segal Design Certificate. She is the co-founder of Lura Fashion, a brand that promotes sustainable textile accessibility. She was part of the Tinker Program and the Propel program in the garage and was a member of Little Joe Venture. Lura is working to modernize the fashion industry by digitalizing the relationship between brands and manufacturers. Her previous work involved joining Uniliver Helman Mayonnaise to implement plastic waste production.

Charlotte Oaksam (’23), founder of Cue the Curves

Oxfam is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and is the founder of Cue the Curves, an online platform to support and build a community of young plus women and clothing brands. He is also a resident of Garage Oaks and has participated in the Propel program. The newcomer, who aims to help reduce the shopping experience of women in addition, won the Chicago Student Starter Community Award this spring.

Surya Paracala (’22), founder of Iris Education

Paracala is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and management and a youth entrepreneurship at the Farley Center. She is the founder of Iris Education, a web application that focuses on the true understanding of American college culture for international students. Beginner this year, she competed in the semi-final of the Venture Cate, Northwest Annual Student Startup Competition, and participated in the Garage Resident Program, Little Joe Ventures Fellowship, Propel Program, and Jumpstart Prep. Paracala is a management partner of the Venture Fund, a national student led by the Dorm Room Fund.

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