Stock Market News Live Updates: Shares Grow, Shake Past Loss of Oil

Shares rose sharply on Wednesday, a day earlier, as oil prices rose sharply. New economic data from China fell sharply during the session, following fears of a sharp rise in global growth.

The S and P500 have gained insight into the energy and industry sectors. The indicator jumped to a record high on Tuesday after jumping to nearly 300 points, falling for the sixth time in seven sessions. US oil prices have plummeted since August, according to new data.

Key economic data from China showed a sharp slowdown last month, with the world’s second-largest economy recovering faster than expected. And elsewhere, with gambling operators in Macau, such as Win Resorts (WYNN) and Las Vegas Sands (LVS), the government slipped away after announcing plans to increase control over the gambling industry.

According to Bloomberg, China’s retail sales fell by only 2.5% in August last year, falling sharply from the 8.5% posted in July. Industrial production also fell behind the manufacturing sector, up 6.3% from 6.4% in July. Disappointing publications sent down Chinese stocks such as Alibaba (Baba), PDDO and (JD).

Recent data from the United States indicates growth and some slowing inflation.

The Department of Labor’s Consumer Price Index (CPI), excluding variable food and energy prices, recorded only 0.1% in August compared to July, posting its slowest monthly profit since February. According to the latest report released on Tuesday last year, the core CPI has surpassed expectations.

However, a major contributor to the decline was the decline in prices, such as air travel and hotel room prices, which were temporarily reduced due to desert differences and renewed stress. Still, some Federal Reserve policymakers are convinced that inflation is lower than expected, and some analysts say the current monetary policy will give officials more room to stay longer.

Wells Fargo Investment Institute Senior International He told Yahoo Finance on Tuesday.

He added: “The federation, which the numbers tell us today, may have a slightly shaken part.” If you don’t want to do something at the meeting next week in terms of the expected weakness [August] Wage numbers, today’s inflation numbers will also put pressure on them to do something next week.

Investors continue to assess a number of risks from an economic and equitable perspective, with inflation serving as a major concern. And while U.S. equities are still approaching highs and the S&P 500 is still up more than 18% this year, disagreements over the background are intensifying.

“I think we are looking at a small air pocket,” said Chris Rezler, manager of Namham Small Capital Growth Fund Portfolio. Supply chains still exist and are definitely stretched. Semiconductors are a problem in almost every industry, and labor costs continue to be a problem. But in a year, I think those problems have started to ease, and that is good for long-term investors.

4:03 pm ET: Shares end up higher – Dow 237 points, or 0.7%, for energy stocks

The main activities in the markets were here from 4:03 p.m.

  • S&P 500GSCC): +37.68 (+ 0.85%) to 4,480.73

  • Down (^ DGI): +236.82 (+ 0.68%) to 34,814.39

  • Nasdaq (IXIC): +123.77 (+ 0.82%) to 15,161.53

  • Raw (CL = f): + $ 2.23 (+ 3.16%) to $ 72.69 per barrel

  • Gold (GC = F): – $ 12.00 (-0.66%) to $ 1,795.10 per ounce

  • 10-year treasuryTNX): +2.7 BPS for 1.3040%

2:45 pm ET – U.S. oil prices hit record highs since late July

West Texas Intermediate crude oil futures rose 3% to $ 72.61 a barrel, representing the largest quarter of commodities since the end of July.

The move comes on the heels of a sharp drop in supplies following the US Energy Information Administration’s report that crude oil reserves fell by 6.4 million barrels on Wednesday morning. That is the lowest point since mid-2019.

Brent’s crush on the previous profits was more than $ 75 a barrel.

10:08 am ET: Oil prices jump, Brent crush on $ 75 per barrel for the first time

As the futures of U.S. and Brent crude oil jumps on Wednesday, supply problems will temporarily outweigh the risks posed by rising energy prices and, at least in the case of delta-based operations.

West Texas Intermediate crude futures jumped 3% to $ 73 a barrel, and Hurricane Ida expanded its recent run after it affected domestic production and supply. Brent dough, the international standard, reached its peak in early August and rose to $ 75 a barrel during the convention.

9:52 am ET – U.S. manufacturing output fell sharply than expected in August

After US Manufacturing posted a strong monthly profit in July, it reflects a hurricane and subsequent supply chain disruptions.

According to the latest data from the Federal Reserve, based on the Bloomberg consensus data, manufacturing output is up 0.2% or half in August. Production increased by 1.6% in July.

Extensive industrial production also declined in August, according to the federation. Industrial production rose 0.4% compared to July, up 0.8% from the previous month.

9:31 am ET: Shares open higher

Markets are here on Wednesday morning, just after the opening bell –

  • S&P 500GSCC): +6.84 points (+ 0.15%) to 4,449.89

  • Down (^ DGI): -4.97 points (-0.01%) to 34,572.60

  • Nasdaq (IXIC): +38.81 points (+ 0.24%) to 15,073.73

  • Raw (CL = f): + $ 1.82 (+ 2.58%) to $ 72.28 per barrel

  • Gold (GC = F): – $ 8.70 (-0.48%) to $ 1,798.40 per ounce

  • 10-year treasuryTNX): +0.3 BPS for 1.282%

8:45 am ET: Empire State Manufacturing Index Increases unexpectedly in terms of orders, shipments in September

As the New York regional commodity industry continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, the Empire State Manufacturing Index posted an astonishing jump in September.

The Business Condition Index Index jumped from 18.3 to 34.3 in August. According to Bloomberg consensus data, consensus economists were looking to lower the index to 17.9.

New orders, shipments, and incomplete orders each improved significantly, and labor market indexes strengthened. Still, index tracking times have reached an all-time high, which has hampered growth when supply chain interruptions are in high demand. Overall, future and current assessments are well maintained, with 46% of respondents reporting that the situation has improved over the past 12 months compared to 12%.

7:26 am ET The stock futures market joined on Wednesday

Markets are here to trade from Wednesday morning –

  • The future of the S&P 500 (ES = f): +5 points (+ 0.11%) at 4,449.50

  • Doe’s future (YM = f): +4 points (+ 0.01%) to 34,587.00

  • The future of Nasdaq (NQ = f): +31.5 points (+ 0.2%) to 15,418.50

  • Raw (CL = f): + $ 0.97 (+ 1.38%) to $ 71.43 barrel

  • Gold (GC = F): – $ 3.20 (-0.18%) to $ 1,803.90 per ounce

  • 10-year treasuryTNX): -0.9 BPS for 1.27%

6:10 pm ET Tuesday – The future of the stock

Until Tuesday night, the main activities in the markets are here

  • The future of the S&P 500 (ES = f): +4 points (+ 0.09%) at 4,448.50

  • Doe’s future (YM = f): +21 points (+ 0.06%) to 34,604.00

  • The future of Nasdaq (NQ = f): +15 points (+ 0.1%) to 15,402.00

Traders operate on the trading floor in New York, United States New York Stock Exchange, August 19, 2021. The S&P 500 index closed at 4,405.80 points, 5.53 points or 0.13 percent. Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 34,894.12 points, 66.57 points or 0.19 percent. The Nasdaq Integration Index closed at 14,541.79 points, 15.88 points or 0.11 percent. (Photo courtesy of Wang Ying / Xinhua)

Emily McMurric is a reporter for Yahoo Finance. Follow her on Twitter @emily_mcck

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