Stephen’s High School begins the school year with energy and joy –

School week begins this week, and many students and parents will return to normal.

Although some people describe this year as normal – with the COVID-19 epidemic, restrictions have been imposed on many schools, and many students have completed their online education.

So for some students, going back to class may be a big change from last year.

Nathan Johnson, principal of Stevan General School, says he is still happy to be back in school.

Johnson said, “We are very happy that we are all back here in the first few days and that we are definitely getting fewer restrictions,” Johnson said. To the school year ahead.

Johnson attributes that power to the extreme restrictions that ECS is seeing.

Anyone who is over 12 years of age is eligible for the vaccine, and the school is especially grateful to those in grades 9-12, which means that most of those who go to class are safe from the virus.

“We don’t have a mask here,” Johnson said. Our cafeteria is open, but we can use that space, ”Johnson said. The back of our library was reopened. , Certainly a very restrictive area. ”

Although students can now see many of their friends, there is still a chance that many will feel the need to switch from online to physical courses during the summer.

According to Johnson, a lot of energy has come from the students now that they have a stable plan for school this year.

“Last year we were very different,” Johnson said. It was a little full-time online and sometimes we were half-capacity and a lot of different things were happening here, ”Johnson said. I say there is definitely a level of happiness for all our students to return to their full potential.

Johnson said he has not yet heard anything but positive feedback from parents and students.

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