Statement after a meeting between the business secretary and the oil industry

During the meeting, participants discussed issues related to supply chain pressure and strains due to local supply demand.

As a result, Business Secretary Kwasi Quarting agreed tonight to take steps to temporarily free the industry from competition in 1998 in order to share information and facilitate supply.

Known as The Downstream Oil Protocol, the move allows the government to work more effectively with oil producers, suppliers, freighters and retailers to reduce disruption as much as possible.

The measure makes it easier to share industry information so that you can easily prioritize parts of the country and strategic locations.

Business Secretary Kwasi Quarting said.

We have long-standing backup plans to work with the industry to keep fuel supplies in place during major disruptions.

We know that there was a lot of fuel in the mines and terminals, but there are still some problems with the supply chains. That is why we are developing a lower oil protocol so that the industry can work together more effectively to reduce the need for information sharing and disruption.

Thank you HGV drivers and all the court staff for their tireless work during this time.

The decision follows a package package announced over the weekend that confirms the temporary supply chain pressures caused by the epidemic and the recovery of the world economy.

These include a rapid increase in HVV testing, short-term visas for HVV drivers and new skills to train up to 3,000 more people to become HVV drivers.

In a joint statement to stakeholders:

We are in regular contact with government ministers and policy officials and it was reassuring to meet with the trade secretary again on Sunday night and discuss further action.

During this time, we will continue to work closely with the local and national governments and we want to make it clear to the public that the issues raised are not due to national fuel shortages but to temporary monsters in customer demand.

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  • Fuel Transport and Logistics (FTL)
  • Green energy
  • Winchester
  • Ll l
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  • XPO
  • UK Petroleum Industry Association (UKPIA)
  • Comfort Stores Association
  • ExxonMobil

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