State Gas will resume production testing at Red Dome

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State Gas Limited has completed production upgrades on the Nianda-8 well and completed a well-completed production test in Launched November 28, 2021. The well is expected to open on December 6, 2021.

State Gas is currently undertaking work in Central Queensland to supply new gas supplies to the Reds Dome and Roleston West gas projects to meet the shortcomings of the East Coast Australian Gas Market forecast. Activities on the Red Dome aim to increase productivity from the SeroColl-1 and Nianda-8 wells, and the company is conducting its first production test in the area. Rougement-2 pit.

The Nianda-8 coal mine has been dumped by boat to widen access to the well. The company carefully monitors the well as the water level drops and the gas pressures run out.

The Serocold-1 company has completed the foam compression to close the non-producing zones in the well and to facilitate better pump operation. The pump is now loaded, and the newly configured well-designed test has begun.

The production test is being carried out by Rougemont-2, where the performance of the first test in the area is closely monitored and carefully monitored to optimize production results.

“I look forward to the results of these new product tests,” said Richard Cote, executive chairman of the state gas company. “Every new domain – like Reid’s Dome – needs to be ‘cracked’, ‘” he said. If these new experiments work the way I expected, we will continue to market our gas.

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