Start tackling that big goal that you have delayed

We are all busy, and when a goal seems overwhelming or the path to it is not clear, it is often easier to do nothing and move on to another day. The author offers three strategies to help you achieve our goal, although the process can be frustrating or challenging: 1) Hiring a coach. 2) Create a time limit. 3) Continue your education.

(Finally) Three strategies to make it happen. “>

We all have professional goals that we want to achieve, such as mastering new technical skills, being better represented, or shaping our time in networking and networking. But most of the time, we put these desires on the back burner – again.

Sometimes it is a simple task, our days are consumed by email and meetings, making long-term thinking challenging. Sometimes it is a delay due to self-doubt. (“Would I be stupid if I thought I was bad at a program?”) Sometimes he is paralyzed because he is not sure where to start, or how to start. (I guess I can take a course – but which one? How do I know it will be good? ”)

Although short-term incentives often push in the opposite direction, I have researched how to push ourselves to achieve meaningful and long-term goals that we can achieve. In my new book The Long Game: How to Be Long-Term Thinking in a Short-Term World, Although the process can be frustrating or challenging, I will outline strategies we can take to help achieve our goals. Here are three steps you can take to begin the fight.

Hire a coach.

If you want to improve your athletic performance, you are sure to be a tennis coach. And the presence of an executive coach in recent decades shows that your company will give you enough value to invest in your performance, from embarrassing to often powerful.

But for other situations we meet coaches – and even think – it is rare. That is a mistake.

Some of us have encouraging colleagues who can help and guide us as we work toward our goals. But not all of us do, and even if you have some fun in your corner, they may not have the skills needed to lead you to the desired result. Hiring a coach can help you set goals, make progress, and hold you accountable.

That’s what Zack Breaker, CEO of Marketing and Innovation Consulting, did. During the VV-19 epidemic, Zack decided to spend more time on literature. “Neutrality, daily grind, stress, homework, high stress, constant changes, and seeing people really hurt me,” he says. I knew I had to do what I liked, and I agreed several times – focusing on the urgency.

So he hired a literature trainer, an English-speaking PhD. Student of literature from the University of Mexico. Every Friday night, they meet for about an hour to discuss the short story they agreed to read that week. He says, “It gives me strength and develops my curiosity” – and it is a way for him to make sure that he puts the most important goals first.

If it is not possible to hire a coach due to financial or logistical reasons, there are low-cost or free options on all topics, including online courses to YouTube tutorial videos. In the early days of the epidemic, my mother taught me how to enlarge myself by watching Japanese and Chinese videos online.

Create a deadline.

To counselor and speaker Petra Colber, it started as a dream come true – answer to an interview at the book launch party, She announced how she wanted to learn DJ. But when her friend, who had run one of the largest sports in North America, approached her, her dream came true. “In a year, you will be making our VIP party DJ,” said the friend.

It does not seem very real at the time. But as the year progressed, Petra began to realize the enormity of what she had actually done: post-graduation for a high-profile, 600-person event. She said: “The case was serious, and the potential for public humiliation was real. The training was a double-edged sword.

Like Petra, most of us need time to act. Sometimes a friend or client gives us one, but if not, we can create our own as an act of coercion. To sign up for a class means we Permission Study on those evenings. It means we give it to the public performance or show they have To be ready to deliver.

Continue your education.

If your goal is tied to a specific situation — presenting at a high-level conference, or running a marathon, or learning enough mandarin to greet a client in Beijing — it’s easy to give up after the big event. But after all that work, it is important that you strengthen your education and continue to grow.

With DJing’s success, Petra Colber saw the opportunity to visit the rooftop bar across from her apartment in New York City. “Do you want a DJ?” She asked the bartender. She asked. He told her that the hotel had started a new series and asked her to play next week. “There was really no money, but she was responsible for my dreams,” she says. The continuous gig enabled her to practice and learn in a low environment, which was key to her continued growth.

If we want our new habits and skills to stick together, we need to find ways to bake them in our regular program – for example, going to the gym with a friend, socializing, as well as exercising or downloading dozens of audio books on a topic we want to learn, and listening carefully while cooking or traveling .

We are all busy, and when a goal seems overwhelming or the path to it is not clear, it is often easier to do nothing and move on to another day. But if we really want to accept long-term thinking, now is the time to move on.

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