St. Minrad Archbishop announces $ 10 million campaign

By Herald staff

St. Mainerad – St. Mainerad has announced a $ 10 million campaign to renovate two buildings and launch two new programs.

On August 22, the “Let’s Live Together – Church Life” campaign was officially announced at a special event in St. Minrad.

The campaign received more than $ 9 million in donations and pledges, according to Vice President of Development Duan Effer. He thanked the Cabinet and its leadership for their efforts to start a quiet phase of the campaign before the outbreak of the CVD-19 epidemic. As soon as the campaign began, the epidemic made physical meetings and visits impossible.

Co-chairs of the campaign are Jasper and Mike and Pam Schwenk of Zeusville and Tom and Linda Wentrowut. Co-chairs are Graham Carl and Mary Kay Wolford of New Albany and the BBC and Bony of Washington.

New programs

The campaign will help renovate the Archabbey Library and St. Ancelem Hall, as well as two new initiatives. The first is the Youth and Young Adult Evangelism Center. The mission of the center is to engage the Catholic Church in opportunities for youth and women at all levels to grow as disciples.

Second, relying on the greatest tradition in singing and other sacred music, St. Mintrad expands its current offerings to establish the Holy Music Institute.

The Youth and Young Adult Evangelism Center focuses exclusively on youth and youth adult formation.

Throughout its history, St. Minrad has focused on building his church, first with the establishment of the priesthood and later with programs for parishioners and permanent deacons.

Since the early 1990s, St. Minrad has focused on high school youth in the “One Bread, One Cup” program for religious leadership. Over the past 25 years, more than 7,000 high school youth and their adult leaders have benefited from the program.

Since then. In 2017, St. Mainerad launched the Lily Endowment initiative, which works directly with parishes and examines the needs of young adults in the Catholic Church.

The center’s new plans include:

• Youth Service Degree Program with residential, as well as online courses.

• A program that brings young people (ages 21-40) from every parish in the United States to St. Mintras to discuss with young bishops and priests about the youth they face today.

• Continuing Certification Program through the St. Maine Parish Internship Program in the Ministry of Youth and Adolescents. The program also helps the dioceses care for and support young and young ministers.

• A local church center that provides resources for parishes and dioceses to strengthen religious and spiritual practices in the home, especially among young people.

• St. Maind Hispanic Youth Program, which provides opportunities for the development of faith resources for Spanish-speaking youth and youth ministers.

The Young and Young Adult Evangelism Center will be housed in St. Anselm Hall.

The Holy Music Institute encompasses many aspects of sacred music – research, concept, performance and composition. Building on Father’s Name Columbia Kelly, OSB And his professional and structured compositions in English singing, as well as the workshops currently being held in this area, the institute’s programs attract a wide range of audiences.

Institutional plans include:

• Offer courses and workshops on sacred music history, theory and theology.

• Facilitate research among songwriters.

• Expand song access by publishing a news magazine or blog, disseminating work on social and other media, and creating an open forum.

• Develop relationships with local youth choir directors, parish and youth and youth adult groups to promote Mass music among young audiences.

• Provide opportunities to visit sacred music classes in the United States and abroad.

• Arrange facilities for the ministry’s offices and other groups to gather for Vesper and Complex prayer services.

• Introduce songs and other sacred music using live performances and recordings to improve access to these experiences.

The Holy Music Institute is housed in the Arkababe Library.

Building renovation

The renovation is expected to begin next May. The work for the Archabbey Library includes updating electrical systems and elevator controls. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems will also be improved, and energy-saving lighting will be installed. Work is being done on the roof to deal with leaks, and the exterior is re-painted.

The campaign will fund these improvements to St. Ancelem Hall: a new swimming pool, an improved HVC system, new electrical panels, energy-saving lighting, improved elevator controls and an improved fire extinguishing system.

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