Sri Lanka orders an investigation into a secret cooking gas explosion.

Following reports of at least 14 gas explosions and fires in one day, the president appointed a committee to investigate.

Sri Lankan Parliament convenes special committee to investigate dozens of unidentified cooking gas explosions and fires in kitchens across the country.

Following reports from police and the media about at least 14 explosions in one day, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa on Tuesday appointed an eight-member committee to investigate and report back.

Consumer Affairs Minister Lasanta Alagiya told parliament that an average of 10 explosions were reported every day.

“We acknowledge that more than 40 percent of the 5.1 million households in Sri Lanka live in fear. Businesses are also affected. The government is on the side of consumers and a full report will be submitted to the council upon completion of the investigation.

McDonald’s Restaurant in the capital, Colombo It caught fire on November 20. Since then, there have been reports of several gas stoves exploding or burning.

Some consumers moved the cylinders out or started cooking in their garden. Do It Yourself: Flow test videos flooded social media.

Milinda Premacandra’s wife was caught in a fire while cooking in their small restaurant in Colombo.

“My wife will never be like that again. My whole life has been ruined, ”he said.

“The authorities need to do something soon. One has to answer for what happens to innocent people.

More than 80 percent of Sri Lankan liquid gas cylinders used for domestic and commercial use have been rejected by the government-run Litro gas explosion at the beginning of the year.

Instead he blames the wrong controllers and broken stoves and I don’t remember any cylinders.


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