Sponsor: Midwest Energy is looking for a caregiver and yard maintenance worker


Midwest Energy is looking for a full-time caretaker in the Hayes, Kan, office and on-site maintenance. The site is responsible for performing all duties related to construction and land maintenance and repair.

High school diploma or equivalent, mechanical, cleaning, or related work and two to three years experience in grass and plant care. Completion of courses in plant care is required.

Key qualifications for this position include:

· Ability to work independently with minimal supervision.

· Effective teamwork skills to work in a node environment.

· Demonstrated verbal and written communication skills to communicate with clients, community members, practice groups, co-workers and managers.

· Must be able to build mechanically oriented and used in the execution of tasks.

· Ability to follow instructions without close supervision.

· Promoting safe work practices and Middle West Energy, Inc. Enforce all safety rules and regulations, lead by example in safety compliance, and take corrective action against security breaches, defective equipment, and any other practices that may have a negative impact on safe working conditions.

· Work safely with vehicles and / or equipment in accordance with federal, state, and local laws.

· Take corrective action on damaged vehicles and / or working equipment, tools, materials and supplies.

· Supervises the proper handling and identification of hazardous chemicals in the workplace.

· Meets himself / her in first aid and CRP

· Must have and hold a valid Kansas driver’s license.

· Ability to build trust and maintain inconsistency.

Midwest Energy offers special pay and benefits packages, including medical / dental, flexible savings accounts, 401K (with a generous match) and a retirement plan.

Applications are due until August 22.

Apply online at https://mwenergy.clearcompany.com/careers/jobs/0f22cae5-db04-aca8-35b9-2606a333dd7e/apply?source=1701321-CS-43286.

Equal Opportunity Employer.

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