SPM Oil and Gas launches new valve series

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SPM Oil and Gas has announced the availability of the new KOP AM20 Series Gate Valves. When the KOP AM20 series door valves reduce the cost of property, the NTP.

KOP AM20 series door valves for every well, tree system and choking and killing: Allow and close every well work — from digging and finishing to pumping and production. The KOP AM20 series provides unprecedented safety by securing a gas seal at pressures of 10,000 psi to 50 psi. Advanced coating protects against high tensile strength, corrosion resistance and low friction.

The KOP AM20 series also meets strict requirements and is subject to API 6A Appendix PR2F, API 6FA Fire Test, API 6AV1 Sand Melt Test, Extended Low Gas Pressure Test, Endurance Cycle Test, and Seawater Rust Test. The activated KOP AM20 Series screen safety valves are eligible for Appendix F PR2F, API 6FA and API 6AV1 Part II.

The KOP AM20 series is not only small and simple for low cost savings, but also features a simple design that provides partial flexibility to simplify asset requirements. The KOP AM20 series withstands harsh conditions for more than 60 endurance cycles: represents a lifetime of 60 years – without grease injection. The KOP AM20 door valves increase maintenance time by 50 percent compared to other door valves on the market. This will reduce the cost of valve repair by at least 50%.

“The new KOP AM20 Series Gate Valves will enable operating companies and drilling contractors to better compete in the marketplace by reducing the cost of their assets,” said Ronn Le Glock, president of SPM Oil. Gas Eastern Hemisphere.

Read the article online: https://www.oilfieldtechnology.com/product-news/30092021/spm-oil-gas-launches-new-valve-series/

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The company continues to forecast that the average annual production will remain in the 8500 – 10,500 bpd range.


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