Spacewalkers connect the power cables of the Russian laboratory module

Two Russian space specialists connect a new laboratory module to the International Space Station’s power grid and run eight cables to get electricity generated by NASA.

Oleg Novitsky and Piotr Dubrov ran for about an hour between the new Nuka Laboratory module and the US section of the station, prompting Russian air traffic controllers to delay some of their priority activities.

But the main purpose of the spacecraft was accomplished: the eight power cables were successfully connected, partially connected to the Ethernet cable by connecting the unit to the station’s common power and Internet systems.

Cosmonat Oleg Novetsky is working outside the International Space Station to connect the new Russian laboratory module to the military. The shooting was captured on a helmet used by a colleague, Piotter Dubrov. / Credit – NASA TV

Tests confirm that the first set of cables is working properly: “All views are correctly matched.”

“Great! Thank you so much for your confirmation, ”said one astronaut.

The second set of cables is properly connected and working.

The trip began at 10:41 a.m. EDT, the 10th of this year and the second for both astronauts.

The Nauka module arrived at the station on July 29 and arrived at the port in front of the Russian Zwezda Module behind the station. Unexpected shots were fired after the connection was temporarily derailed, but the problem was resolved without any damage to the building.

Parts of the US and Russian stations share the same computer network and solar system, and it was decided to plug the first Nawka up to 11 Russian satellite presses into the existing power grid to wear the new laboratory module.

The mission requires close co-operation between NASA and Russian flight controllers to ensure that power outages occur in various circuits when necessary. Although the work was longer than expected, there were no major problems.

However, the installation of three space exposure experiments, the connection of two skateboards to Nauka, and the removal of the unnecessary Ethernet cable to the future space route have been delayed. Novitsky and Dubrov returned to Poysk Airport and closed at 6:35 pm, officially closing the 7:54 minute sidewalk.

The astronauts plan to go out next Thursday in a series of Naoka costumes, including some of the activities that took place on Friday.

Then, if all goes well, Japanese astronaut Akihiko Hoshide and European space agency Thomas Pesekett plan their route three days later to prepare for the launch of the second new solar array in the long-awaited energy reform.

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