Southern California is trying to limit the largest oil spill in recent history, and beaches could be closed for months

LOS ANGELES – Southern California authorities are rushing to repair a damaged pipeline that led to a beach resort on Sunday.

An estimated 126,000 gallons of crude oil have plunged into Orange County waters since last Friday or early Saturday. Pipeline and work on three beach platforms owned by Ampliff Energy Corporation in Houston were closed Saturday night, said Martin Wilshere, CEO.

Sanitary contractors are trying to stop further oil spills in Huntington Beach, California, on Sunday, October 3, 2021, in the Dutch Dalbert Marsh. (AP Photo / Ringo HW Chiu)

According to the Los Angeles Times, the Newport Coast Police Department in Orange County began receiving calls for a mysterious oil scent on the air on Friday. About a day later, the authorities saw the evidence.

The report said the pipeline in question was connected to the 41-year-old platform, which is about eight miles from the beach. Huntington Beach, a Pacific airport show on Sunday, canceled its last day due to beach conditions. Kim Carr, mayor of Huntington Beach, told Fox 11 that the flow “could pose an ecological risk.”

Representative Mill Steele, R. California, sent a letter to President Joe Biden on Sunday calling for a major emergency statement to Orange County, the report said.

Authorities are already responding to marine life. Dead fish and birds are already being reported on beaches and beaches. I am very concerned about the environmental impacts of the flow and I applaud the workers who are doing their best to prevent the oil from hitting sensitively. Wetlands, ”she wrote.

He was charged with trespassing on Beta Beach in Long Beach and is working with a disaster management team on maintenance and clean-up efforts, Huntington Beach said in a statement. It has identified OCC Registration as an amplified energy subsidiary.

Wilshere, for his part, said the pipeline was 80 to 100 feet[80 to 100 feet]low and that no more oil would be spilled. Email from Fox News was not returned immediately.

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Orange County Superintendent Catherine Foley said some birds and fish were caught in the muck. But on Saturday afternoon, the US Coast Guard still has a red duck that is still in oil and veterinary. “Other reports of wildlife are being investigated,” the Coast Guard said in a statement.

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