Solar EV is a cargo solution with solar and battery power for city streets

This is how Bako Motors (BM) and Sony recently appeared in the 2021 IAA Mobility Show. All we know about BM so far is that they are a start-up to Tunisia-Germany with one goal in mind, and they rely heavily on solar energy to provide the next generation with completely clean and environmentally friendly vehicles.

In the case of the Sun, this vehicle appears to be in the process of being interpreted only, and the presence of BM in the IAA may only serve to attract some investors. Whatever the reason for going to the IAAA, one thing is for sure, the team at BM really puts some ideas into the design you are looking at, and that could be the real downside.

Now the manufacturer’s website does not show much about the design, and although there is a “pre-order” key, nothing happens if you click it. And they don’t value Sunny; You must first contact the manufacturer. However, in a few photos provided by the manufacturer, a few words about some of the features and specifications of this vehicle are mentioned, all of them, not many.

This is what we know E.V. Like the others around them, not only is the battery powered, but by adding solar panels, the sun can travel up to 50 km (31 miles) in solar power alone. Combined with the lithium-ion battery system provided by BM, it has a range of 100 km (62 miles).

In addition, the Sun is clearly a three-wheeled vehicle. However, if you never travel ATC, You know how difficult turns can be. Now, take what you know about ACCs, and add a heavy-duty construction designed to carry a load on one back and you have sunshine.

This brings me to the next set of information about this conceptual miracle, its use, and its capabilities. One of the pieces of information that BM shows is a solar-powered vehicle designed specifically for urban distribution.

With this in mind, BM took a look at the latest Amazon purchases and narrowed the sun down to narrow streets. To do that, this vehicle is designed with that huge rear cube-like structure. It can store up to 350 kg (772 pounds) of gear, hardware, supplies and merchandise. Just think of the ships of these EVs.

One thing BM seems to think is the ability to safely change such a vehicle. According to the manufacturer’s website, Sony is a low-speed solution. This protects both the driver and any pedestrian or local traffic.

The driver’s entry to the vehicle is completed through the entry doors via EV; Drop two LED headlights, a windshield wiper, and you have a vehicle that is fit for an international movement.

But why haven’t we heard so much about this amazing thing? Well, let me think about it for a moment and remind you below that you can comment on why this EV is not given much attention.


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