Skyhigh Education – The first renewable energy training tower in the Southern Hemisphere to be built in Balarat

Federation University invites bidders for the construction of Australia’s first wind turbine training tower

Construction of the 23-meter high tower for ‘altitude’ training courses is expected to begin in July.

Liam Sloan, vice chancellor of the university’s vocational education department, said the wall will enable the university to offer special courses in the wind power sector and help students maintain and repair wind turbines.

‘Experiences of the Real World’

“Basically, what he is doing is to present the real world, the real life experience, to work at the height of a wind turbine,” said Mr. Sloan.

Mr Sloan said the current training courses in Australia are not in a “real” environment.

For example, there are providers around Melbourne, but their training is approximately four meters — not a real work environment.

They are working on our tower at 20 meters.

The 23-meter-tall wind turbine training tower is expected to be built in September this year.(



‘Interest Is Growing’

According to Dr. Anita Talberg, a member of the Pure Energy Council, the proposed tower is good news for Australia’s growing wind industry.

She said that if you are looking for wind technicians at any time, you will find more than 100 advertisements on the job board.

We really need those wind technicians and the demand is growing.

Mr. Sloan said the University of the Federation will offer a wind turbine knife repair course next year and a wind turbine technician training course starting in 2023.

“It’s a really exciting opportunity and it’s funded by industry,” he said.

The tower and the new wind courses The institute, which is part of the Asia Pacific Renewable Energy Training Center, received nearly $ 2 million in funding from green energy companies.


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