Skills increase funding for Auchterless, Inverkeithny and Fisherford residents

The new Education Support Program is now offering support to individuals in Aster, Invertebury and Fisherford who want to improve their employment or develop a new career.

The grants are part of the Gordonston Wind Farm Community Fund, which is owned and operated by Ventian Energy.

Individuals in the area are invited to apply for up to £ 1,500 to cover tuition or training costs.

Choices are for courses that lead to accreditation, but rewards for other courses are considered.

Fundraisers can support a wide range of learning opportunities.

They can help you with course fees or accommodation, travel expenses or driving lessons, the necessary equipment for the course or the necessary equipment for the course.

Applications can be made at any time.

Prize decisions are made by the Scottish community, by the Scottish community, by free financial professionals.

“This is exactly what Ventent Energy wants to support,” commented Gavin Lipit of Ventent Energy.

We want to see the new grants support more academic qualifications and training courses.

According to Tom Black, managing director of the Scottish Foundation Fund, the budget aims to help individuals find opportunities to find or keep a job or start a new business or business.

“This, in turn, benefits the environment.

“Support for employment and related opportunities will be linked to the” Forantin “community plan” to support economic development. “

For full details and to apply, visit

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